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    Goku and Luffy Set For An Epic Showdown (Television Special)

    Re: Goku and Luffy Set For An Epic Showdown (Television Spec Couldn't Toriko, like, cook a meal for Luffy and Goku and poison the food, or something? I've seen the monkey king struggle with illness. Sure, Luffy and Goku might find out after the fact and incinerate Toriko forthwith, but he'd...
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    MangaUK announce One piece and other licenses

    Re: MangaUK announce One piece license
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    Dragonball Z Kai sneak peak on Kix

    While I did notice the shotgun shot omission, I have to say that I was certainly impressed by how much of the grizzly stuff they actually left in there. In particular, I was fascinated by the sheer number of times "die" and "death" were used; and I was totally taken aback by the use of the word...
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    Dragon Ball Z Kai gets UK TV Deal

    What would I do just for a trailer to find out what dub they're planning on using. A lot of my viewing--though not necessarily all of it--is going to be contingent on the Ocean dub being in place, just so I can hear the take of the old cast in this revised version--so I'd like to be able to...
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    Dragon Ball Z Kai gets UK TV Deal

    It's going to start airing "this month"? Well, that's jolly good, and everything--isn't it!
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    Dragon Ball Kai: Buu arc incoming!

    Dragon Ball Kai is primed to feature the Buu story-arc of the the Dragon Ball manga, according to voice actress Mayumi Tanaka, as reported on Kanzenshuu. Though Japanese voice-overs presently are being recorded, as of the 6th November 2012 there are no plans to air this arc of the series in...
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    Hunter x Hunter film trailer online

    If I can remember correctly, I think there was one period in the past where the manga started up again in January. But I wouldn't care to append a date to that belief. Hard to believe it's been almost ten years since I started noticing online individuals grieving over hiatuses for this series.
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    Forums have been upgraded

    Confound it all! I was drinking something when I read that!
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    Although I don't rally to NARUTO's defence most of the time, I really do feel that Kishimoto did a good job of shaking some parts of his readership off the scent of Tobi's identity.
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    MangaUK's Manchester MCM Expo license announcements.

    I am going to let myself be tempted by Tales of Vesperia in light of the positive reception it's received. A Christmas present it shall be.
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    Bakuman Manga Ends Next Week

    When Bakuman first came out all those years ago--when that first promotional chapter showed up online--I reckoned it was going to be one of those series which was imbued with the theme of dreams that would come across, on the surface, as something upbeat, but would be underlined with some sort...
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    [adult swim]'s 2012 April Fools Day Prank: Toonami

    I think a revived Toonami could do rather well if it introduced some new programming like One Piece or--if it were to end up dubbed--the 2011 HUNTERxHUNTER to its roster. I keep up with the latter each week, and I feel that it's perfectly tailored for kids television. I'd like to think the...
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    MangaUK license announcements ...

    Does anyone peradventure have a copy of the U.S. standard edition Madoka Blu-ray? I've got a very odd question: how thick is the Blu-ray case? Is it as thick as typical U.K. cases--around 12mm--or is it as thick as the U.S. cases, the 7mm ones? Thanks in advance, whatever the response.
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    Mysterious Girlfriend X Trailer

    Throwing my chips down on the table on this one: I think people might be pleasantly surprised by this show.
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    fav anime openings/endings

    Oh, merciful heavens no! Confound that Denpa Onna opening! I shouldn't like that--I shouldn't!--but cor, I've never before seen something so terribly compulsive! I can't stop listening to it! Going to give a shout-out to Hikaru no Go's first opening, as my own candidate. Now, there was a...