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    Hanbu No Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora

    I enjoyed the ending too; Yuuichi's leap to Rika's window seemed slightly over-the-top but put a dramatic end to the series, and the parts of me that wanted both a cheery and morbid ending were somewhat sated. Of this first season's anime, HanTsuki has become my favourite; I just wish...
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    Hanbu No Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora

    My opinion on Natsume truly did move with the series; even at his lowest point, at the end of episode three, the scene with Rika's mother showed that he wasn't completely unsympathetic, and four and five built on that. I still can not bring myself to like him after the episode three scene, but...
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    Hanbu No Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora

    I felt the same about that segment of the episode; perhaps the manga remedies it somewhat. It seemed the character had only been just introduced the episode before and given a line or two of dialogue, yet then suddently she became so familier with Yuuichi. Despite that, though, I feel it's a...
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    Hanbu No Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora

    I also love this show, although I think a lot may rest on how powerful episode six will be. The four main characters are all interesting personalities, with their own problems; I disliked Natsume immensley during episode three, but by the fifth installment he had earned a speck of sympathy from...
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    Anime documentary on ITV1 tomorrow night

    I thought that was a good documentry (although it revealed nothing new to me), but a bad showcase for anime and manga because of the overwhelming focus on how it has influenced the West. It was pleasant to see a lack of Clements in person, despite his presence in the credits.
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    Anime UK News Podcast?

    Indeed, I think the most important thing at this early stage is organising the first podcast, and the type of content that it will contain, while assigning roles to everyone. Hmm, msn seems like the most viable online option at the moment.
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    Anime UK News Podcast?

    I can help with some writing and general organisation. I love organisation. :D So, it seems we have thus far, although if I'm mistaken on any roles please correct me! Grant (presenting) Mutsumi (presenting) Daedalus (presenting) Melainy (writing) JAKEMAN (presenting) Ramen...
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    Anime UK News Podcast?

    Yes, I guess there are problems as such. Perhaps there should be a list of who would like to be involved in this project, and what everyone wants the podcast to contain.
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    Anime UK News Podcast?

    Your idea is just awesome! I think what we'd need here is to have a short slot for current UK news; perhaps even discussion/debate sections, and then give focus to installments of Melainy's hilarious drama, giving most ideas a chance to shine.
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    Anime UK News Podcast?

    I could patch together a basic script for you on various areas of anime, although basic would be the key word.
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    Pale Cocoon

    Ah, I've finally got round to watching it after having it sat on my hard drive for a week or so, and it is certainly a gorgeous and touching watch, although the complimentry plot explanation .pdf is needed.
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    Funimation license Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

    Edging just above Haibane, Gankutsuou, H&C and Monster, I have to rank KGNE as my absolute favourite anime of all time. I'm not to fond of the english name, either, but I'm estatic that I'll finally be able to own the show for myself.
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    Aquarion (mecha fans!)

    Well, that's part of the point of the anime. It's a bit of a homage to the mecha genre. It's so hilarious, both intentionally and unintentionally, and pretty much sends up the whole sentai team robot genre while still having a servicable plot of its own. I also love the setting and style of the...
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    Lunar Legend Tsukihime ** possible spoilers**

    I'm something of a fan of the Type-Moon works, despite having not played the games; Tsukihime and now Fate/Stay Night are both spectacular series for me. I think Tsukihime's relatively short, one-season run still did the series justice. As an aside, a twelve episode run is both not uncommon...
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    Fate/Stay Night

    Only two episodes in, but I love this show to pieces already. The cast is varied and vibrant, and the hero is decidedly uncliche. I doubt i'm the only one who well in love with Saber before she was even introduced to the show. Despite being an adapation of an adult title, the humour has been...