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    Overseas The Discotek Media Thread

    I Would definitely be up for some group buys.
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    Anime at the cinema

    I got back from seeing Gundam Doan's island about an hour ago and I had a similar experience to @Loris There were 5 people total including my wife and I! My wife hadn't seen much Gundam either (just parts of it when I'd been watching it) and she really enjoyed it as well and said similar...
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    Your viewing journal

    Just got back from the cinema where I saw Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan's Island. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Though my partner regularly watches anime with me she hasn't watched any Gundam previously (well she's seen the odd scene when I've been watching it) and she really liked it too. In my...
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    Overseas The Discotek Media Thread

    Hey everyone, haven't found much time to post lately. Just popping my head in to say...someone mentioned Machine Robo possibly going out of print and I'm sure Discotek mentioned that on Twitter as one of their soon to be discontinued titles so I'd definitely get on that. This whole situation...
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    The Normanic Vault - Grav's Blog for Unboxings, Industry Anime News, Otaku Hauls (Games, Asian Cinema) & More

    Hey Grav. A question regarding Future Boy Conan (If you've been able to watch any of it yet) do you reckon the 4K restoration is worth the price tag? Also curious if you own the Gkids Blu ray for comparison. There's probably a few people like me who are wondering whether to spring for the 4K or...
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    Overseas The Discotek Media Thread

    I've used UP1 and toys and films on ebay before and have found them both to be very reliable. Hello again by the way everyone, reports of my death have obviously been greatly exaggerated. Just been very busy. Was floored that Phantom flying ship is getting a release from Discotek, really fun...
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    Shuwatch now or never: Ultraman is leaving Crunchyroll

    Thanks for this list Dai. All of the Ultra shows I've watched are earlier ones from the 60's to the 90's (haven't watched all of em from this period but have seen a few in each era) I actually got interested in the franchise as a teenager. I used to buy Manga Mania, a monthly magazine in the...
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    Kickstarter Thread - Anime & Manga Projects

    Just found out about a new Vampire Hunter D Kickstarter project today for a comic adapted from one of creator Hideyuki Kikuchi's short stories. The comic is called "Message from Mars" and is based on the short story "Message from Cecile". I'm really looking forward to this comic which...
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    What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

    @Girls with Guns I wish I had the space for a dedicated screening room. It'd be incredible. Seriously cool. I have a question though: Don't the posters get damaged from the snap frames? Or do you put something between them and the part of the frame that opens and closes to avoid that? Looks...
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    The Games You've Finished This Year

    This year I didn't manage very many but I did get through some pretty good ones. 1: Streets of Rage 4 2: Batman Arkham Asylum Remaster 3: Yakuza: Like A Dragon 4: It Takes Two 5: Cotton (Original version) 6: Cotton Reboot 7: Panzer Dragoon Remake 8: Dark souls II: Scholar of the first sin...
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    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

    I'd agree Blu ray is the way to go (if you can) as it's a beautiful looking series.
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    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

    I think a large number of users here (me included) would reccommend Escaflowne. It's a really good series and mixes elements of fantasy/sword and sorcery, mecha and shoujo. Personally I love it. It's considered a classic by many and with good reason. The TV series is great and the movie is good...
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    My humble blog about old anime/manga: Animehead's retroworld

    New article! A primer on the City Hunter franchise (In collaboration with @Orgun and Retro Anime Podcast) - Check out Episode 29 for reviews of the first 3 City Hunter films. Of Magnums and Mokkori: 36 years of CITY HUNTER
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    UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread

    @HellCat Please keep us, the poor January crowd up to date for our vicarious enjoyment. :D God damn I can't wait to get my hands on this thing, thanks to recent assurances my excitement is restored (hums Eva score music around the house).
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    Overseas The Discotek Media Thread

    @fabio de lunatico @Dai @NormanicGrav Guess we should hold onto older editions of Urusei Yatsura: Only You for those extra scenes.