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    MP3/iPod recommendation

    I have recently been down this path and I demo'd the Astell and Kern AR?SR-15 and i could not tell much difference between that and my IPOD Classic. I think that the IPOD classic is the best. It is so easy to use, does what you need and still has a volume control. I also prefer a dedicated...
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    Physical Copy Vs. Digital

    I have long been a physical fan for media but I am trying to switch over to things digital/going through stuff to whittle them down. I have a kindle which I use for books, i heard that they are not very good for manga? I have over a 1000 CD's and never know what music to put on so have been...
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    Heya, so have been an avid anime enthusiast for the last 39 years! Have always wanted more people to discuss anime with but only just got round to joining a forum about it! Have just started reading a bit of manga also, just started GANTZ and have Super Dimensional Love Gun and Memories of...