Heya, so have been an avid anime enthusiast for the last 39 years! Have always wanted more people to discuss anime with but only just got round to joining a forum about it!

Have just started reading a bit of manga also, just started GANTZ and have Super Dimensional Love Gun and Memories of Emanon on my read list.

Anime I have really enjoyed over the last couple of years, was going to be 10, but I have watched so much good anime lately that its bled over a bit..

Laid Back Camp
Bloom into You
Sound Euphonium
Is it Wrong to Pickup Girls in a Dungeon
Fate/Stay Night UBW/Movies/Zero (currently playing the VN)
Your Lie in April
Violet Evergarden
A Place Further than the Universe
Highschool DXD
Made in Abyss
Gundam Unicorn
Carole and Tuesday
The Quintessential Quintuplets
Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Also, into gaming but a bit behind on my games list, mostly play Beatsaber on PSVR, bit of wipeout Omega and have Ni no kuni 2, tales of Vesperia and Horizon Zero Dawn and maybe Code Vein on my upcoming playlist, though love turn based things like XCOM and Final Fantasy games. Was heavily into the first Destiny but gave it up after awhile.

I hail from Hailsham which is nearish Eastbourne/Brighton in the South East.

So that's me!