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    Earrthsea London screening

    I have had a quick scan of the forum and couldn't see this mentioned, so forgive me if someone's posted this already. I've just had the NFT/BFI Southbank listings in the post with the news that Tales from Earthsea will be screening in the NFT 1 on Saturday 28th July at 2:40 pm. I don't know...
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    Bandai threaten fansubbers over Solid State Society

    Heresy! But aside from that, I have nothing to add except to congratulate Laughing Manji on some great writing and research.
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    Bandai threaten fansubbers over Solid State Society

    At least half of the shows that I have watched and enjoyed as fansubs in the last three years or so have not been released or licensed outside Japan. I would be perfectly happy if my computer stopped me watching shows that had been or would be picked up for distribution, but why should I not be...
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    Desert Punk

    I did a little review of this here back when it was first airing in Japan as Sunabouzu - ... article=22 It's a neat little series with a fairly good central character in that he's neither good nor bad but just out for himself, and he seems to get into a...
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    Sky Blue (aka Wonderful Days)

    I remember preferring the Korean language version but i saw that so long ago I can't remember why. The English dub is average, a middling plot that reminds me of Spirits Within and animation that suffers because it aims to be cutting edge, but it was made years ago so it's no longer cutting...
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    Teaser trailer online for Satoshi Kon's new movie - Paprika

    It looks very nice, I'm excited now. I hope we don't have to wait too long for a UK release. Looks like he's taken the altered reality themes from Paranoia Agent and run with them.
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    Pirates of the Carribbean (Get a free coin)

    Thanks for that Strawberry, should make my girlfriend happy! I saw Pirates 2 on Saturday and I have to say I was disappointed. For me what made the first film great was Johnny Depp's random asides, his character given a bit of freedom to be weird, but in this it was more about action...
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    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

    I don't know if this is HMV only or trade-wide, but the price for Steamboy has dropped to £9.99 and the price for the Box set to £12.99. Which I'm more than a little annoyed at after shelling out full price for the box, thinking it was going to be really limited and my only chance to get the...
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    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

    The HMV on Oxford Street have GITS 2 Innocence and Karas for £9.99.
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    I think this has the potential to be a kitsch classic. When I saw the trailer months ago with the baddie saying "Are you mental?!" it certainly stood out... I'm tempted, but I know it will be bad. The question is, bad awful or bad enjoyable?
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    PS3 on pre- order at - £549.99 (with 3 games)

    The rumours going around are that the 360 will have a price cut of up to £100, they're only rumours but it would make perfect sense for Microsoft to do it in the run-up to the PS3 launch, putting an even greater price difference between the two.
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    Mezzo DSA replaces Wolf's Rain on RaptureTV

    I was a fan of Mezzo when it first aired so it's a shame I can't get Rapture. One day I'll find the DVDs cheap...
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    Inuyasha DVD publisher and connections with ITV

    I don't see a problem with a bit of editing as long as the DVD release is untouched, bit more TV coverage for anime can't hurt. Unless they show Gun Do Musashi.
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    The Worst Trailer Ever: In the Name of the King

    This looks pretty poor and I'm also surprised at the relatively 'big name' talent, they can't be that hard up for parts, can they? But I do have a guilty feeling of curiosity, I haven't seen any Boll film and I often see the Alone in the Dark DVD and wonder....
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    V For Vendetta

    I really enjoyed it. I went into it having already read the graphic novel a while back, and to be honest I wasn't expecting much especially seeing as it had its release delayed. I was surprised at how faithful it was, seeing as the original was set in a more fascistic Thatcher's Britain of the...