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    My humble blog about old anime/manga: Animehead's retroworld

    Congrats on blogging for two years. Also I mentioned you in this little blog piece of my mine (you might recognise me ;))
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    E3 2019 News & Announcements / 6th to 11th June for Conferences / 11th to 13th for E3 Event

    I do find it weird that the last remnant is remastered for the PS4 and PC. Poor sales on 360 lead to them skipping xb??.
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    Anime Recommendations?

    Psychopass Akame ga kill try log horizon for something alternative to SAO
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    Anyone watching Eurovision Song Contest 2019?

    Does anyone watch Eurovision?. If so, who do you think will win?.
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    Hey up!

    Thanks for the welcome folks!.
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    Your viewing journal

    Yagate kimi ni naru - epi 9 Black clover - epi 82 Shield hero - epi 15 fairy tail 2019 - epi 25
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    Favourite opening/ending sequences

    A toughie this one, I guess I'll go with this one
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    Hey up!

    Hey up everyone!, Glad to have joined. Quick bg I guess xDD: anime, videogames for a long time, I also do anime first and final impression on my blog. Yeah, those still around xDD, been blogging for a long time, met some great folks on there. So if you any of you peeps want to start one up or...