Hey up!


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Hey up everyone!,

Glad to have joined. Quick bg I guess xDD: anime, videogames for a long time, I also do anime first and final impression on my blog. Yeah, those still around xDD, been blogging for a long time, met some great folks on there. So if you any of you peeps want to start one up or have one, let me know. The ani blogging community is pretty great to be apart of.

For anime, I have a few I really enjoy; FSN, bleach, CSR (chrome shelled regios), pandora heart (anime), hitman reborn, gundam 00, fairy tail (yeah xDD), lord marksman and vanadis and a few others.

Videogames; I mostly play JRPGs, the odd platformer, survival horror, racing, FPS, moba. I'm also an MMO player; a vet of the guild wars 2 - open world pve. Have briefly tried archeage, blade n soul, tera, the now defunct wildstar, aura kingdom.

What do you peeps like??.


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Hey @Bloop

Welcome I'm definitely an anime addict: GITS, Ergo Proxy, Noein, FMP K-on, Angel Beats are some of my favs though there are too many list these days tbh.

Anyways have fun here!


Hello, @Bloop. (I like the username!) Welcome to AUKN.

Fell out of the gaming loop many a year ago myself, but still mostly up to speed on what's happening in the world of anime (mainly thanks to these forums). I'd list Evangelion, Gurren Lagann and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya as three of my personal favourites.

Hope you have fun here. 🙂

@WMD: And you've listed another couple there with Ergo Proxy and Angel Beats. Great picks. 👍


Welcome, welcome @Bloop ! FSN you say? Someone pass him that same copy of presage flower From the received thread. Whose got it now?

As for games I unfortunately don't have a lot of patience for Jrpg most of the time, I have found myself mainly on anime tie ins though 🤣 got the last xenoverse 2 DLC the other day, cursing the rng for supers and went for the kill la kill IF preorder, it looks like its gonna be Brill, it's too bad that anyone would have to know about kill la kill to really know anything about the game though