Windfall - shonen like webtoon series

Hello, I'd like to show you something.
I'm co-creator of action-adventure fantasy webcomic series "Windfall" (that sometimes mixes a few more genres)

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Idea of creating "Windfall" was haunting me and my friends for 12 years now. We were saving money all this time and we finally decided to make a comic because leaving this world without showing full story of Windfall would kinda suck. We will keep striving to improve level of our webcomic as much as possible.

What is it exactly about?

When Silene - a young princess of Evenlea is accused of ordering the murder of her parents, she becomes the most wanted person in the kingdom. Condemned by the public, she joins forces with Rave - a mercenary marked with power of gravity, and Danshi - a thief cat. But when they're trying to find a real killer and clear Silene's good name, they face unexpected threats that can change the world forever.

If you're interested, here are the links
latest episode ->
list of all episodes ->

I'd love to know what you think about it :D