Overseas US Region [B|2] & Geolocked [US] Compatible Blu-ray and DVD Imports


Soul Reaper
Bungo S2 is Region B
and another way it doesnt match S1 is it OP and ED are JP Credits with an EN List at the end like Sentai YAY
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Denny Fisher

Vampire Ninja
I received comet lucifer but disk 1 is damaged so I'm unable to confirm. 😭

Classicaloid confirmed playable on ps4

The Life of Budori Gusuko confirmed region A,B by animeblurayuk

Denny Fisher

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I been updating my list (so far I'm on the letter I)
In search of the lost future, I believe I confirmed a while ago, but I can't seem to find it on your list.
Region B/2


Dandy Guy, in Space
Just tested Discotek's Monster Farm - Complete Collection(DVD) on my PS4 all discs work,says Region 1 on both box and discs but works fine.

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Waiting for these to arrive

Concrete revolutio
Free high speed
Free starting days
Free take your marks
Juni taisen zodiac war
Recovery of an mmo junkie

November's releases

A sister is all you need
Code realize
Kings game
Kinos journey the beautiful world
Re life final arc
Star blazers

(Blood blockade battlefront season 2, no region stated but its probably region A only)

December's releases

Anime gataris
Konohana kitan
The silver guardian

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After a three week delay in post, I can finally confirm these titles, most of which have already been confirmed.

Region B/2
Concrete revolutio
Juni taisen zodiac war

Confirmed playable on a ps4
Action heroine cheer fruits