The Worst Trailer Ever: In the Name of the King


Ghost of Animes
Check this out:

This is a movie from Uwe Boll, who basically specializes in making rubbish video game to movie adaptations. With that said, I find it hard to believe how badly In the Name of the King looks like it is copying the LOTR trilogy. And it actually has a fairly good cast of actors too.
Anyone hear about Dr. Boll's latest PR stunt, basically theres a competition for anyone who has reviewed Uwe's films and said their crap to get in the boxing ring with him and slug it out, seriously, its a competition to win a chance to beat the sh*t out of Uwe Boll, its a pretty funny thing to do, but apparently Uwe Boll has some experience in boxing, In an ideal world someone would pay Lennox Lewis to come out of retirement for the good of movie and video game fans everywhere, hopefully someone will give him a run for his money (and hopefully knock the hell out of him).

You would have thought he'd been owned enough when he outrageously claimed he was getting the rights to do a Metal Gear Solid film to which Hideo Kojima himself replied saying something along the lines of "Whats he talking about? We havent even talked about it, I'd never let him make this movie". Burn.
The only positive thing I can say about Uwe Boll is that he makes Paul W S Anderson's work look good in comparison! Quite an acheivement really (although Event Horizon was pretty good).

That trailer is Razzies material - how half-respectable acting talent was dragged into it I'll never know!
The best thing about it is that he thinks he makes perfect adaptions. He immaturely insults people who criticise his movies and now he's going to hold a boxing match so he can legally beat somebody up that said his movie sucks. Put up or shut up? So you've got to physically fight him and win before you can say one of his movies is a piece of crap? Good lord.
This looks pretty poor and I'm also surprised at the relatively 'big name' talent, they can't be that hard up for parts, can they?

But I do have a guilty feeling of curiosity, I haven't seen any Boll film and I often see the Alone in the Dark DVD and wonder....
Lol, there are some scenes in that trailer that really do look like LOTR rip offs, it even has John Rhys-Davies in it, i'd be interested to know where it was filmed, lol, though i think it actually looks more like Canada than New Zealand
The cast really is a mixed bunch, some fairly decent actors, though also some incredibly annoying ones like Matthew Lillard