Star wars Battlefront 1-2

Ryo Chan

played 1 and didn't think much of it, so i never bothered with 2.

tbh i've been disapointed in star wars games ever since Jedi knights 2.

EAW was bad, so was battlefront and star wars galaxies was just terrible

thankfully the clone wars commando one saved my love for the show


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I've played a few Star Wars games down the years, but 2 stick out in my mind the most, one of them being Star Wars Battlefront 2, as it is a great game and a different view of the Star Wars films, being that you are one of the "pointless, endless" clones or stormtroopers. The game has both a story mode, then a RTS style mode where you move your troops (rebellion, droids etc) into a battle location, then be part of that battle, some of the battles even being in space where you control one of the many spacecraft.
The other Star Wars game that I really liked was Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), a massive RPG game, great aswell ^_^
Hope this is more help than Ryo Chan's "opinion" of it. ^_-


Star Wars Battlefront is a nice game if you don't want a traditional FPS...
Battlefront II have very small innovation, but is programmed much better...
KotOR was a superb rpg IMHO, it take place in a very interesting SW period and have a nice story...
KotOR II have merit and flaws... The best merit is the fact that the game system is really excellent... Power of the force, abilities, all work together to bring you to different playing stiles...
The worst flaw, a REALLY big problem is that Micro$oft and Lucas forced the developers to deliver it in a short time... Is incomplete, the story have noticeable gaps and there are some problems with the XBox version that cannot be solved 'cause M$ don't want the release of a patch...


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I don't remember any such problem with KOTOR 2, completed it fine.
Maybe I'll go back to it again to double check...

I enjoyed Battlefront 1 & 2, neither were tip top but both are enjoyable, especially in 2 when I found you could create a battle betwen troopers and indigenous life forms, so you can play as Wampas or Ewoks.


I do not know what to say Capuchin...

I remember that in the XBox section of the forum they all complain about bugs and crashes, mainly in the swoop missions...


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Really? To be honest, I never liked the swoop races since the first game so I hardly played any, I certainly never went back to beat times or gamble, so maybe I missed these bugs?