Retro Anime Podcast - Episode 20 'The Rocky Road To Love'


Death Scythe
Can I please ask how retro anime is able to be watched these days?

Sci-fi channels 12-5am anime slot where they'd throw episodes together to make a "film" introducted me to Bubblegum Crisis, Blue Sonner & The Red Fang and and Megazone 23 as well as some others like Dominon Tank Police and my VHS player when I'd self record and the VHS' themself are basically useless now.

Professor Irony

So long as you don't mind having to play US discs, a lot of older titles have made it to DVD and Blu Ray now. AnimEigo did a Kickstarter to get Bubblegum Crisis a particularly nice BD release a couple of years back, and they've recently finished another one for Megazone 23. Dominion badly needs a re-release, but there are DVDs out there for it.

The Americans even have a dedicated retro-themed anime streaming service now called Retro Crush, but unfortunately, it's region locked :/


Death Scythe
I'll take a look at what DVD and BR's are available then, thank you :)

Is Blue Sonnet available too or is that one pending?

Mum has a VHS & DVD dvd player in one so maybe I'll dig the home recorded VHS', double check the quality on her player and record onto DVD as it's at least something :) as I know 100% there's more old school on the home recorded I'm forgetting about!


Death Scythe
Hi Everyone,

Episode 20 is now out. Lewis and I look into a couple of 1989 OVAs purporting to be 'romantic comedies' with reviews of Dokushin Apart Dokudamisou and Star Cat Full House.

You can listen on SoundCloud directly here:

Retro Anime Podcast #20 'The Rocky Road To Love'

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Death Scythe
I can't believe I didn't hit 'post reply' when I was doing this!!!!!!!!! In too much of a hurry these days.

As for the availability of retro anime as The Professor says Discotek in the US are releasing a lot of titles on DVD and Blu-ray, many are re-releases of titles previously available in the West but they are releasing some interesting new titles as well. Definitely need to get a region-free Blu-ray player as many of the longer TV series are now available on SD Blu-ray discs.

For some of the more obscure titles the only way you're ever going to see them is via fansubs.

Blue Sonnet isn't available officially available on DVD anywhere but as Professor Irony says it is the type of thing that Discotek would license so here's hoping.