James Bond Trailer is UP! Casino Royale

I remember reading a while back that Tarrentino was going to direct this? I guess not. Either way, it looks impressive. The recent James Bond movies have been a bit too polished for my tastes, they lack that "naff" quality that made the earlier movies so much fun :)
They lack the naffness? Did you see Die Another Day? That's the only movie I've ever laughed at all the way through, it was terribly naff :D But yeah this does look pretty sweet I suppose.
While I can appreciate the creators' decision to take Bond in a 'new direction', it's looks to me like they're simply ripping off the grittier, more 'back to basics', style popularised by the recent 'Bourne' movies. Of course it's hard to judge a film based on the trailer alone, but still, I won't be holding my breath for this one...
The new bond looks like the love child of Frank Skinner and Paul Daniels.

Meh, i'll probably end up seeing it.
A new Bond movie? I'm all for it. There's something about the formulaic tongue-in-cheek thing that they've always had going on. It (usually) makes for the best undemanding entertainment you could wish for - large explosions, one liners, great big conspiracies and a hero who always saves the world and has time for a cocktail afterwards. 8)

As an aside I quite liked the Bourne films!
Paul said:
I remember reading a while back that Tarrentino was going to direct this? I guess not.

Thats right, Tarantino said he'd direct Casino Royale but only if Pierce Brosnan played Bond. But the company wouldn't agree so Tarantino said no, I think thats a big shame, the series needs something fresh and different (something Tarantino has in spade fulls). Though this film can't be as bad as the last one because that would actually be impossible.
Going by the trailer, it doesn't really seem to be all that 'gritty', not enough to warrant the claims of Bourne Identity Crisis.
Sure, it looks more earthy than Die Another Day, but that was tripe and the added 'origin story' can only add a bit of roughness before James Bond learns to do everything a bit more smoothly.
Or something.

It will be better than the last one, probably World is not Enough as well, but it may not live up to the high expectations of some faaaaans.

The trailer has explosions and Bond kissing a lady in the surf of a sun-kissed location, it's hardly like they've shot him and dumped him in the Eatern Bloc in winter leaving him to survive with nought but his wits and a pack of matches...
Yes Yes YES can't wait to see this. By the looks of it they are going for the Timothy Daulton style Bond again, more action and grit than Brosnan who was the suave version in my opinion.

Hope this prequel can live up to the other Bond Movies

Bring it on, I will be in the cinema the first day this is released to pass judgement
may as well put this here

James Bond's haunted plane

Wednesday, 16th August 2006, 12:35
LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - A stunt plane on the set of the new James Bond film is allegedly haunted.

Unexplained occurrences on board the 747 jumbo jet have terrified the crew of 'Casino Royale'.

Petrified workers say lights and warning systems have come on inside the plane despite the fact is has no power.

Some also claim to have seen a ghost - believed to be the spirit of a passenger who died on board - inside the 30-year-old aircraft.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "We were asked to stay on it overnight for one scene, but several of the crew refused.

"Some crew won't go on board at all because of the ghost. It's been a real problem."

Staff at the Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey, England - where the £2 million jet is being kept - say they have been aware of the problems surrounding the troubled aircraft for a long time.

A spokesman said: "I am aware of the plane being haunted. Everyone knows the story."

so, atleast we know where the next most haunted live will be :wink: