Books and DVDs for sale - FINISHED

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Couple of bits have been put on eBay due to little interest but, if you've a change of heart, both Death Note and Genshiken are on eBay for Buy It Now or bidding with a couple of other manga lots to follow soonish.
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Last chance on books; FMA, Kenshin, D. Gray-Man, Dragonball, and all the vol1/1&2 (odds and ends) before they're up on eBay shortly :)
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Hellsing manga is available if anyone wants to snap it up :) Last chance to buy anything as i'll be moving next week and unable to continue.
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Items arrived today.Thanks!!!

Btw...which version of the Ghost in the shell manga do you have?? It it the uncensored version?? ( Apparently earlier versions had a few pages removed )
PM'd you buddy :)

Sales are all done so thanks everyone who bought something and made my moving house preperations a little bit more hectic! :thumb: