Books and DVDs for sale - FINISHED


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This blowout sale is now done, so thanks to everyone who got in touch and bought something :) This list of whats still available (mostly manga) is still available below if anyone is still interested but bear in mind you might be waiting a little while for them as they'll not be readily available to me immediately!

Manga basically: £3 each unless stated but of course, discount will be offered for big purchases or wherever stated.

Aqua vol. 1 & 2 £5
Battle Royal vol. 1 & 2 £5
Biomega vol. 1
BLAME! vol. 1 & 2 £5
Ghost in the Shell
Haruhi Suzumiya novels 1 & 2 £5
Hellsing vol. 1-8 £20
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service vol. 1
Mushishi vol. 1-3 £7
Nausicaa vol. 1 & 2 £5
Tekkon Kinkreet £5
Voices of a Distant Star
The Walking Man £5

All near mint to mint. Most have been read once then carefully stored.

Other special things

5 Centimeters Per Second limited first press japanese DVD.
This version comes with the Original Soundtrack CD, a booklet, and a film strip from the film (this one is the archery scene from the very beginning of part 2). Cool collectors item. Will also throw in the CD single of One More Time One More Chance from the film which I bought seperately. £10 - reserved

5 Centimeters Per Second film poster
Roughly about 1mX0.5m this is the theatrical poster for the movie straight from the distributors office. Won in a AMV competition a few years back. Had it framed so it is presented nicely. £make me an offer
Re: Books and DVDs for sale

Little Norse Prince, The Castle of Cagliostro, Nausicaa, Cat Returns, Porco Rosso, Pom Poko, Laputa, Howl's Moving Castle, Grave of the Fireflies, Whisper of the Heart, My Neighbours the Yamadas, Spirited Away, Tales From Earthsea, and Ponyo.

EDIT// Only Yesterday and Ocean Waves just gone :)
Re: Books and DVDs for sale

If they're still available can I have

Little Norse Prince
The Castle of Cagliostro
Cat Returns
Porco Rosso
Pom Poko
My Neighbours the Yamadas
Tales From Earthsea
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell 2

And can you let me know if the Hellsing Managa falls through