Balancing my Anime & Manga

Online, I doubt there's much else. Maybe trsi if you were crazy. B&M stores I would have thought there would be a couple or three in London that were decent enough, but I don't actually know any specifically.
Hm, sweet, will bookmark those sites and use them next time I'm hunting down a specific volume of a manga. I might try collecting OnePiece soon as I hear it's a really awesome manga series.
What is exactly is the problem you are facing? Is it that you are unable to afford to buy both Manga & Anime or do simply lack the time to view both.

If it more lack of time then I recommend Manga for number of reasons.

1.) Anime tends to add a lot filler scenes to bulk up a series. Most of the time the filler added makes the series a lesser production compared to the original source. This is not always case as I consider the ONE PIECE Anime to be better than the Manga as it fills out the story more.

2.) While you have to watch anime at set pace because of the run time, you can read manga as quickly or slowly as you want.

3.) Once you buy manga volumes you can read them anywhere be it anywhere in the house, on your way to school/college/uni/ to work, at break times through the day, a sunny day in the park, while waiting for someone, etc,etc. Anime on the other hand to fully enjoy you want to watch it on the best possible view platform you got, limiting your time to view.

4.) With each book being several or maybe 10 plus chapters, you could just read it chapter at a time which will only take a few minutes compared having to watch animes episodes at 20 minutes+.

A few other reason to go for manga in general:

1.) Not all good manga titles become Anime series. A good example of this i can give you of this is the manga: Parasyte.

2.) Even if a Manga is giving an anime series it doesn't mean latter manga arc will be animated. For example: Hunter X Hunter, Gantz, Berserk, Claymore.
Read your post Nefer, but will reply to you directly later as I'm on the iPad. I just wanted to expand on my situation a little by explaining how my reading/watching habits go at the moment.

I like manga because there are less fillers in them and the majority of anime is based on a manga or light novel from what I've personally seen so it just seems to make more sense to see the original source. My only major exception to this preference has been Ghost in the Shell, whilst the manga was cool the anime series' gave me a hard-on.

However I personally find that manga is harder to acquire both legally and via piracy, I also feel that the quality of fan translations in manga are pretty poor in comparison to anime fan subs.

I like anime because action scenes really do feel like action scenes, and seeing the flow of combat in an anime that actually has flow, unlike Naruto/Bleach etc. where budget means manga-like fight scenes, really gets me hyped. The addition of music is also great as it enhances the experience and adds more to certain scenes. Not a big fan of watching anime adaptations of series' like Azumanga Daioh where animating it has little point in my eye since it's a series focussed more on what they discuss rather than their actions.

Anyway, money is not an issue for me, it's just time and convenience that are my reasons for wanting to discuss this on AUKN. I work seven days a week and I'm a pretty lazy fellow in general. When I get into a new manga or anime, I always pirate it first. If it's an anime, I watch it all and decide if it's worth ordering all the volumes, if it's a forgettable show I won't buy the DVD, if it's something I feel I will want to re-watch in e future I will buy it, usually in volumes and not the box sets as at the time they aren't available in a box set yet. I dislike box sets anyway.

With manga I read the first few volumes and if I like, I start collecting the tankobons assuming I can find them somewhere. Unlike anime I can't finish a manga before deciding to buy because nearly all seem to be ongoing series'.

Things have become more complicated for me after buying this iPad. The device, as overpriced as it is, is ******* win for reading manga and watching anime out of the house. Not having to carry around physical books, not worrying that my manga will get crushed in my bag (I'm OCD about keeping my items in perfect condition) and being able I'm carry my entire manga library in a device that weighs 500g is too damn convenient to bother with physical books anymore.

However I have to use pirate manga on my iPad since (for now) there is no legal store to buy my favourite manga digitally as far as I'm aware. So what do I currently do? I've recently started pirating ALL my manga and ordering the tankobons from Amazon even though I do not plan to read the physical books. I've been doing the same with my anime for years except with my DVDs as I've previously mentioned, I do intend to re-watch them again in the future.

Convenience, it's why I have an iPad in the first place, because of the convenience it offers in certain situations in my lifestyle, where I CBA lugging my Macbook Pro but my iPhone is too small to get the job done without a headache. It's also why I pirate, because it's quicker and easier,not because I can't afford the price of a picture book or cartoon. Why do I fee, retarded for buying manga j don't intend to read whilst reading the pirate fan translations for free? To support the creators and invest in their next release, probably the same reason most of you buy too, right? So why, when people like me are willing to pay but can't find a good digital library of manga, has to pirate something they would gladly pay for because the industry, much like the music industry as of late, are acting like dinosaurs and still think they have a right to get mad about piracy? Why am I supporting these backwards bastards?

I hear Samsung are releasing a good looking tablet very soon that will rival the iPad. I recommend checking it out because I honestly love reading my manga on a tablet and others may also fall in love with this convenience. Get a tablet, pirate all your **** until they start taking digital distribution seriously. I know some of you like owning your **** physically, but I'm at the point where my room is full of books that are numbered from 1-30 etc. taking up a load of real estate for just one bloody series.

Also two random notes. Firstly sorry if the are any weird typos, I blame Apple's bloody auto correction feature. Plus, I want to get into light novels like the FMP ones and Welcome to the NHK, I've never owned or read any light novels so would appreciate it if you guys could tell me where to get the best selections and deals online.
Project-2501 said:
Pretty much all VIZ and Tokyopop volumes have £, US $ and CAN $ prices on the back. Publishers rarely do localised print runs just for the UK.
My local Forbidden Planet doesn't even stick their prices over the Viz RRP. They put an extra 50p the price >>
Regarding legal online manga scans I have good news and ban news, Nemphtis.

Bad news Crunchroll don't have plans to create an online manga service. A shame when you think it would be easily more profitable to do that than streaming video because of the way lower bandwidth costs.

Good news though that square enix are going to create an online manga store which will go live soon: ... rs-preview

I would still personally prefer manga volumes for multiply reason over ipad you are using. Carrying one volume of manga won't be that heavy/large in dimensions to carry round. With how cheap they are at £4-5 a book when brought online. I wouldn't really worry about being that OCD about book condition. Anyway won't go on my preference of manga volumes against anime or than reading them on an ipad type device.

With the problem being time, Manga would be the way to go I believe. You just have to wait a bit longer for legal service which I no doubt will arrive in future.
The sqenix service is only doing things already out in print in English, and no news of if it will be available here or not.
My local Forbidden Planet doesn't even stick their prices over the Viz RRP. They put an extra 50p the price >>
the GBP price is normally wrong, ones distroed by Viz's printer have the sticker over the price as well. It's the price in USD that's the accurate one,if exchange rate changed scince printing GBP price will be wrong..
I've never owned or read any light novels so would appreciate it if you guys could tell me where to get the best selections and deals online.
For light novels the only big English publisher Yen Press; Tokyopop, Viz and Seven seas all have the OOP. Delray have a few that are worth getting i.e. NisiOisin stuff.

Buy from Amazon, you will not find them elsewhere easily. I don't mean, you'll need to check .com and .ca due to rarity.
Reaper gI said:
The sqenix service is only doing things already out in print in English, and no news of if it will be available here or not.

Well the previews chapter are not blocked for UK reviewing. It's been run by Square Enix and they already own the rights in the first places as they appear in their Japanese manga publications. They would want to make this service as success as possible. So blocking other areas of the world for purchasing chapters would certainty disrupt that.

If they start to sell manga for other companies then they may be force to block those chapters sale to the UK because of rights.

They may at some point move into scanlation service for latest manga chapter, we have wait and see for that.
I'm in a bit of a pickle here, maybe one of you guys can help. I'm trying to buy the complete series of the Blame! manga. I can only find them pre-owned for ridiculous prices like £50-£150 for just the first volume. I was watching an epic Ebay bid which had the entire collection in excellent condition and I could have easily won it but I was too busy playing Modern Warfare 2 to realise the auction was ending without me making my last-minute bid...

So long story short, I want the entire Blame! manga series and I'm not willing to pay more than £6 per volume. I've checked, and BookDepository with no luck. They're either not in stock or cost a ridiculous amount.

Any advice?
It's well out of print then. Kondansha/ Tokyopop = very bad for finding it. Tokyopop should have firesaled everything when they lost the licences, including doing full shop recalls.

so you can either:
1 check physical shops for odd copies.
2 Learn Japanese

Those prices are normal for something this rare, why I now pre order everything (in case early volumes in a series go OOP) & traders have some of the volumes,

Blame vol 2 from £2.50 new ... 90&sr=1-17

Blame vol 3 from £6.30 new ... 90&sr=1-16

Blame vol 5 from £1.00 used ... 64&sr=1-14

Blame vol 7 from $6.49 new, $6.48 used ... 446&sr=1-7

Blame vol 8 from $3.52 new, $8.00 used ... 46&sr=1-14

Blame vol 9 from £2.47 used ... 71&sr=1-10


Blame vol 9 from $3.78 new, $3.79 used ... 46&sr=1-12

Blame vol 10 from $6.98 new, $6.98 used ... 46&sr=1-11

As these are traders you will need to include postage costs. Hope this helps.
Those do indeed help but I would need volume 1 to make it worthwhile. God damn it I wish I took that Ebay bid more seriously, I might have been able to re-sell those after reading them for a tidy sum.
Surely you're better off buying those now, and looking for volume 1? Missing out on volume 1 would be bad, sure, but only having volume 1 by the time you come to get wouldn't work either, really.
Hm, I'll have to think about it whilst at work today. I might just order them but if I can't find volume one it's going to feel like a waste of money and time.