Animecon uk london


Student Council President
Got back from the first day of animecon uk London. It was actually great for a first time convention with more good dealers than I expected, really gave me the feeling of mcm in the late 00's, just wish @MVM and animelimited were there to sell dvd and blu-ray's, and would be great if crunchyroll could still be bothered to do that at events. It clearly has potential and could be better with more variety which I hope thay will get, and also hope they can hold it at excel centre next time.
I didn't know it was their first event considering the scale and the guests they were able to get. Very Impressive.

You are right. It is great for these events to give such a strong place for artist and the community. It would be nice if the actual distributors could get involved too, even if it is through an affiliate like Gundam Mad (they used to handle stuff at MCM for MVM and AL).
Technically it was there first con in London, but the one they did late 2023 (Nov I think) in Edinburgh was there first.