1. Doctorkev

    Funimation app completely broken, Cells at Work Code Black problem

    I hate Funimation. Their app completely fails to function for me on the PS4. Up until recently their Apple TV app functioned acceptably. Now it fails to stream anything. All I get is an empty black screen after selecting a show. I have no problems with any other services. Tried signing out...
  2. Captaaainuniverse

    Happy Sugar Life episode 7

    wowee what a mess the characters have been in this series, I think that's turned some people off by now but it's that much more rewarding to the people who've stuck with it. this one's a bit of a head scratcher with the Main Event of the episode; the apartment. if you've seen it, the rest of the...
  3. Buzz201

    The (Psychological) Problems of Streaming

    Sorry for the weird thread title, I'll try and come up with something better. I appreciate most of this thread is probably self-indulgent whining, but please go with it. Recently, it has become clear to me that my wants and desires aren't the way the physical anime home video market is heading...