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  1. R

    Anime for sale

    Hi due to refining my collection - branching into comics, I am selling off a few items which may interest a few people - out of print dvd sets and blu ray collectors items - only selling stuff I don't see myself re watching (don't be offended by that :) ) Your lie in april blu ray collectors...
  2. Loonabit

    Loona's Misc. Anime Sale

    Hey all, Will be moving homes soon and trying to shift some of my collection that I no longer care to own. All Blu-rays are UK editions (region B), prices listed in GBP, postage and packaging prices to be determined later and not listed, pics available on request. Sorted by distributor. Anime...
  3. H

    Shonen Jump comics for sale

    Hi All. I am looking for a good place to sell my Weekly Jumps from 1990-1996 I have almost every issue over that time frame. But due to moving, I am not able to accommodate these anymore. If there is anyone on here who is a serious collector, or if you can point me in the direction of an outlet...