1. HieiHakusho

    DragonBall Z Artwotk : Goku & Gohan (SNES scene) Fan-art

    Hello everyone, I invite you to meet my new DragonBall Fan-Art Z: Goku's farewell, a paper drawing done by me with sketch, an average duration of two hours of work. And I used Chalk as the main material. This scene is from the end of the saga of Cell, and for those who want to draw Gohan, I...
  2. HieiHakusho

    Dragon Ball Z Kame Hame Há - Artwork

    Hello, I'm fan of the forum, and fan of anime, I would like to present my drawing work on Dragon Ball, I used various techniques and simple materials like chalk, pencils and pens. The effect on the clouds was made with rubber * First make all the dark background with a dark black drawing pencil...
  3. HieiHakusho

    My Fan art videos (DBZ and Lycan)

    Hello all i am ilustrator and Dbz Fan, i invite all to watch my video-art about DragonBall Z, about the Vegeta Figth aginst Boo.I hope you like. The second video is about Metin 2 the character Lycan, give your opinion.