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    Youtube project black butler

    Hi everybody I'm doing a YouTube project where I'm going to be interviewing anime characters 🙂 The 1st Anime I have chosen is ............ you guess it's black butler So I'll will need questions to ask So who will I be interviewing you ask ?? Well I have chosen Sebastian, Ciel,Grell and...
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    Fullmetal alchemist and Dgrayman doujinshi for sale from artists Houseki hime and Ciel 33.3

    Hi guys i still have all the houseki hime and a ciel 33.3 doujinshis for sale! If interested please pm here or email at [email protected] and just to note they are all in japanese! 1.traumerei by idea/houseki hime Fullmetal alchemist 2.amato discord by idea/houseki hime Fullmetal alchemist...