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    The Witch and the Beast Volume 4 Review

    The saga of the young witch Helga and the Demon Sword reaches a terrifying climax in the fourth volume of The Witch and the Beast. Continue reading...
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    My Boy Volume 7 Review

    My Boy continues to challenge accepted societal norms in exploring the friendship between two lonely people – one of whom is still a minor – who find pleasure in each other’s company and quietly asking: is this so very wrong? Continue reading...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    MADK #1 by Ryo Suzuri Given #5 by Natsuki Kizu Viewfinder #10 by Ayane Yamano all actual paperbacks from SuBLime at last (hoping they'll get the seventh and final volume of Crimson Spell.) The Vampire and his Pleasant Companions #2 by Marimo Ragawa and Narise Konohara from Yen Press - which is...
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    What's Worth Watching This Spring? Spring 2021 Preview

    @Ditchdigger: Great to have some more recommendations! (I watched the first episode of Cestus as I had hopes for it but didn't feel inspired to carry on, partly because of the weird look you mention above but also the way they were telling the story. I'd be interested to hear if it improves...)
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    What's Worth Watching This Spring? Spring 2021 Preview

    Spring 2021 has brought a wealth of new series to watch as well as the return of several favourites. Which shows are worth watching? The writers at Anime UK News have plenty of recommendations to get you started! Continue reading...
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    Blue Period Volume 2 Review

    Yatora Yaguchi wants to become an artist. But the path from high school to university art school is filled with obstacles and examinations and the competition is fierce! Has he the strength of will - and talent - to achieve his dream? Continue reading...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    Sasaki and Miyano #2 by Shou Harusono (Seven Seas) Two Peas in a Pod by Gorou Kanbe (Tokyopop) - slice-of-life high school story about friendships and relationships - quietly but very convincingly done. Hitorijime My Hero #9 by Memco Arii
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    I Cannot Reach You Volume 1 Review

    Kakeru and Yamato have been friends since childhood. But can they ever be more than that? The pains and misunderstandings of growing up are explored in Mika’s first manga to be published in English. Continue reading...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    Karneval #11 Touya Mikanagi Yen Press - more revelations! Still very readable and veering more to science fiction then fantasy as the story continues.
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    Winter Overview 2021 Part 2: The Shock of the New!

    With so many returning series in Winter 2021 Season, did any of the brand-new titles match up to them? Which ones stood out? Continue reading...
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    Winter Overview 2021 Part 1: The Return of the Familiar

    The Winter 2021 Season has been rich in returning series - but have they all lived up to the fans' expectations? Continue reading...
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    I Hear the Sunspot: Limit Volume 3 Review

    The second volume of I Hear the Sunspot: Limit concluded on a painful cliffhanger. At last we get to learn whether the friendship between good-hearted Taichi and hearing-impaired Kohei has finally foundered. Does the third and final volume deliver the hoped-for ending - or is it too late to hope...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    @Demelza: I have to agree - but I'm sticking in there a little longer to read the second volume out of curiosity (and thinking the buzz about it must be for a reason but not seeing it yet). This first volume seems quite thin and underdeveloped as if the first fragments of material posted online...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    Coyote #3 by Ranmaru Zariya SuBLime - the art is amazing, as ever, in this BL urban werewolf story - and this mangaka also knows how to create convincing characters and tell a good story. Recommended. Katakoi Lamp by Kyohei Azumi Tokyopop
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    The Witch and the Beast Volume 3 Review

    Witch-hunting pair Ashaf and Guideau find themselves facing the formidable Paladin Corps in Volume 3 of dark fantasy manga The Witch and the Beast. Continue reading...