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    What manga are you reading now?

    @RadFemHedonist: The very same! She even makes a small but regular appearance in this manga as 'Yayoi Ogata' - her sense of humour is just as acute as in Tramps Like Us - so if you liked that, you'll like this too. She also is a huge fan of competitive skating which really shows in the art!
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    What manga are you reading now?

    Knight of the Ice #7 by Yayoi Ogawa from Kodansha.
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    What manga are you reading now?

    What Did You Eat Yesterday? #16 by Fumi Yoshinaga (Vertical) - my print copy arrived at long last (pre-ordered ages ago, but delayed...) but was, as always, well worth the wait! Yoshinaga-sensei is so clever at slowly advancing the story alongside the delicious recipes the characters make...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    Nostalgia time! I discovered this week that Mad Love Chase by Kazusa Takashima, an old favourite series of mine, is available in digital version at a good price. (I have the original print Volumes 2-5 from TOKYOPOP c. 2010 but started the series in French...) It's still a really fun read...
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    Summer Overview New Series 2021 – What We’ve Been Watching

    The Summer Season 2021 is over – but how did the new series turn out? Did they live up to their initial promise – or disappoint? The writers at Anime UK News look back at their favourites from the Summer Preview… Continue reading...
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    Summer Overview: Returning/Continuing Series 2021 – What We’ve Been Watching

    The Summer Season 2021 is over so the writers at Anime UK News are here to share their thoughts about some of the returning/continuing series. But... have we picked the ‘right’ ones? Continue reading...
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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    @Azar @Gemsy-chan: Sad, really, to think that it's coming to an end after all this time. On the other hand, it's probably better to give it a proper conclusion. 28 (?) volumes is a good run and I imagine that Touya Mikanagi is probably ready to start a new series. (Her cover art is so beautiful!)
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    Fruits Basket Season 2 Part 2 Review

    Me too; but it seems (and I asked Funimation) that the official release date is today for the BD and DVD standard sets and the Limited Edition won't be available until November.
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    Fruits Basket Season 2 Part 2 Review

    More engrossing episodes to watch in the latest collection of Fruits Basket from Funimation as Tohru Honda is drawn deeper into uncovering the dark secrets of the Soma clan. Continue reading...
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    Double Volume 1 Review

    When a talent agent scouts aspiring actor Takara, she discovers that the potential star can’t function effectively without his friend and fellow actor, Yuujin. A must-read for manga fans who love theatrical behind-the-scenes stories! Continue reading...
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    I Think Our Son Is Gay Volume 1 Review

    Sad it's ending so soon. Really nice series. @Azar: I absolutely agree - but I also respect mangaka Okura for knowing the right time to bring the story to a close; his first series That Blue Sky Feeling was 3 volumes, so having a fourth is a bonus!
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    Has collecting manga always been like this?

    @setokaiba: As you rightly say, the industry has been aware of the problems for many months now - and you might have seen this useful overview from May by Deb Aoki. It's not just the US publishers; it's a problem in Europe as well, with French manga publishers/printers suffering from paper...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    @Demelza: Having just finished We're On Our Own From Here, I think it's definitely worth reading. The mangaka has, it seems, only published two single volume titles so far but I think she's promising. Most of all, I hope Kodansha will continue to bring out new BL titles in a more consistent way...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    @Demelza: I haven't quite finished We're on Our Own From Here yet but I can certainly recommend it from what I've read so far; it's taking a very familiar situation in high school BL and dealing with it in a slightly different way, which is refreshing! And I'm glad you enjoyed Turns Out My...
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    Battle Angel Alita Volume One (Paperback Edition) Review

    @Ian Wolf : That sounds absolutely fine to me.