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    Review of Ninja Slayer from Animation

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Ninja Slayer from Animation by Reevothemusefan</b> Domo! Reader-san, Reevothemusefan desu.<br> There have been plenty of great action anime this year:<em>&nbsp;Blood Blockade...
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    Yakuza/Ryū ga Gotoku [龍が如く] Thread | Shin Yakuza now Yakuza: Like a Dragon, heading west in 2020

    Re: Yakuza/Ryū ga Gotoku [龍が如く] OT | Yakuza 5 set for Mid-November release! So can this game come out already!!!!!
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    Final Fantasy 14 thread

    Got into the Odin server and now I've made a start, got to lvl 9 as an archer. If anyone wants to add me, my nickname is Und'a Bridg'a.
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    Review of Onimonogatari - DVD review

    <img src=""> <b>topic_title by Reevothemusefan</b> <em>Onimonogatari </em>is the fourth arc in <em>Monogatari </em>Second Season and is&nbsp;focused this time on Araragi's blonde vampire companion. This arc is one of the shorter ones...
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    Top 10 anime of all time! (2014 vote)

    1. Beck - Mongolian Chop Squad (10pts) 2. Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (9pts) 3. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) (8pts) 4. Hajime no Ippo (7pts) 5. Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (6pts) 6. Giant Killing (5pts) 7. Redline (4pts) 8. Baccano (3pts) 9. Cowboy Bebop (2pts) 10. Detroit Metal City (1pt)...
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    Final Fantasy 14 thread

    Bought on Steam people, it's been a while since I've played am MMO, let me know when your all are on.
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    Final Fantasy 14 thread

    Never played any of the Final Fantasy Online games, maybe I should consider this one in the future.
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    Review of Ben-To

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Ben-To by Reevothemusefan</b> From all the fan-service shows I've watched as a reviewer, I&rsquo;m considering <em>Ben-To</em> as one of the best ones I&rsquo;ve seen and there...
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    One Punch Man Television Anime Receives Green-Light

    From rumors, it's seems that Sunrise are animating it, which would be fantastic I think.
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    Review of Death Parade - Episodes 1-6

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Death Parade - Episodes 1-6 by Reevothemusefan</b> The 2013 Anime Mirai project contain four anime shorts that were done by young animators and funded by the government but only two were really talked about...
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    Vertical Comics license Kizumonogatari light novel & more

    Re: Vertical Comics license Kizumonogatari light novel & mor (Insert Shaft Kizumonogatari anime film when joke here) I'm much more happy with this, I'll definitely pick it up in November and then hopefully we get the rest of the Monogatari novels.
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    Weiss Schwarz - The anime card game.

    If you want a cheaper but risker option on buying WS booster's, is your best bet, a booster box with SAL shipping cost's around £40, so that's £2 a pack, even if you get caught by customs, it's still a very cheap way on getting my cards. Weiss Schwarz is a game more about...
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    Weiss Schwarz - The anime card game.

    Another article on Booster boxes, including a booster box opening: ... ster-boxes I've been following the sets for more of a year and the cards have been much better in recent years. I've taught the game to various anime fan friends and it's been a lot...
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    Review of Naruto: Shippuuden #19

    <img src=""> <b>topic_title by Reevothemusefan</b> Naruto, with Master Guy, Aoba and Yamato, is&nbsp;on his way to the&nbsp;Land Of Lightning under the orders of the Shinobi Alliance, although Naruto is...
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    Review of Otorimonogatari - DVD Review

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Otorimonogatari - DVD Review by Reevothemusefan</b> Back when <em>Bakemonogatari</em> was released, there were two female characters that never really engaged me throughout that series:&nbsp;Tsubasa...