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    Technical problems with blu-ray discs

    Worth noting that discs with BD-java don't resume unless you save a bookmark. Its not a fault with that particular disc but with the bluray standard and possibly your player. Darn annoying!!
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    Fu singles!

    I bought some 3 or 4 disc cases and squished my collection of 6/7 disc single sets into less boxes. Stacked up all the cover sheets so I've not lost anything apart from empty single DVD cases. Darn it saved a lot of space!!
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    Durarara single dvds

    And unless they've remastered he audio they come with badly quantised background noises for about the first half of the series and the subs are a little 'speedy'.
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    Sony buys Dolphin Broadcasting - Potential for an Animax UK?

    The shows on TCM2 looks like some old old adult swim. The robot chicken is from 2009. Hmm... Maybe if they showed some season 5 here...
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    Lum cosplay

    The english dub for tears to tiara is much worse than the british Urusei Yatsura dub. I could watch the whole series with that dub ;) "I've got a fiver on the bird in the bikini".
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    Lum cosplay

    That dub was awsome!
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    How did we get here?

    MangaUK also have the double foot shooting of people waiting for the BD k-on box set so not buying the DVD singles and now the same people are unhappy (with fairly good reason) and looking elsewhere. Same with Haruhi.
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    How did we get here?

    Indeed, everyone has got used to £10-15 for a DVD series set and coming along with a price hike like that seems madness. But people have short memories and only 4-5 years ago we were paying £15 or so for a 3-4ep single release. On the flipside, Madman isn't cancelling releases, it doesn't...
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    How did we get here?

    Aussie dollar has dropped hugely in the last few years so their GDP has gone up. When it was 2.5 aus$ to the £ their GDP would have been a lot lower. They also have a high cost of living. And yes, the UK consumer is a pissy little sod who cares very little about anything other than price...
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    How did we get here?

    Certainly doesn't make for cheaper releases. Madman released K-on, on bluray, in July! BUT its nearly £6/ep!! 4 volumes, 30 aus$ per volume. Current market rates thats £81 for K-on on bluray. On DVD it still comes in at nearly £68. (madman RRP) So Australia has a fanbase that are...
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    How did we get here?

    I want to know how the Aussie anime industry survives when the country has so few people. And its not to do with the BBFC as the Aussies have the ACB who also charge money.
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    your ideas to put anime back on tv

    How many countries have animax airing anime virtually 24/7? It seems to do quite well. Except in the UK....
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    Anime on Demand - Good news and bad news

    Oh how fun, I've forgotten my AoD password and the link to get a new password doesn't work :)
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    From streaming to DVD!

    I'd stick to the streaming version of Durarara, the quality is somewhat better.
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    From streaming to DVD!

    So far my only 'try before you buy' has been Durarara... hmm...