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    Street Fighter X Tekken

    There's also gonna be for the people who prefer Tekken's gameplay over Street Fighter...I'll have to get both!
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    The Last Airbender

    From all the negative reviews I think I'll wait for the DVD or just skip it since Avatar: The Legend of Korra is coming next year!
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    Review of Naruto: Shippuuden #1

    Those aren't even on the Japanese DVD release so I don't see how they'd be included in any English release unless they're in the extras (still need to check my R1's).
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    Games you keep on replaying but never actual finish?

    Anything with Elder Scrolls in the title!
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    Ni no kuni (Level 5 and Studio Ghibli game) trailer

    Been waiting for more news of this for ages since I aw the DS trailer ages ago, just saw the trailer for the PS3 version on Gametrailers, it looks good but I'd rather it included the Ghibli animation from the DS version rather than replicating it in 3D which it looks like they're going with...
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    Deus Ex : Human Revolution PS3.. its GHOST IN THE SHELL!!

    That trailer has me even more excited for the game! hope they get the original theme tune in the game somewhere.
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    CrunchyRoll picks up Bleach!

    Woops, I probably should've noticed there wasn't a question mark either... It's definitely not as good as it used to be but I've gotten know what the whole point to it is. Naruto wants to be Hokage, Luffy wants to be King of the Pirates but what does Ichigo want besides more ridiculous...
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    CrunchyRoll picks up Bleach!

    As they already stated on their website, that'd be a YES!
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    New Thundercats cartoon to be animated by Studio 4°C

    *copy & pasted from original Thundercats wiki* "The animation was provided by Pacific Animation Corporation, the working name for a collective of Japanese studios including Topcraft, a group who would later go on to form Studio Ghibli." Aren't all American cartoons animated in Asia now anyway?
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    New Thundercats cartoon to be animated by Studio 4°C

    I love Thundercats and I love Studio 4°C, really hope this turns out to be as great as I imagine!
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    What are you watching right now

    I would agree, only started watching because Idris Elba (liked him alot since I first saw him in Ultraviolet) was in it but am liking everything else about it, next week's ep looks very interesting! Having watching Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy yesterday it's rekindled my interest...
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    Dennis Hopper has died

    :( I'd just finished watching his performance in 24 season 1 a few days ago, had forgotten how great he was!
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    They cancelled the main Law & Order?! I thought that would never end! with Criminal Intent finished aswell (I've still to see any of the Jeff Goldblum eps) my fears for SVU going are up. What's with all the new spin-offs going to LA lately? Everyone getting bored of the East Coast?
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    Just watched the finale and ended exactly as I expected, I certainly am not pleased. I hate unresolved cliffhanger endings! :x
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    What are you watching right now

    Working my way through the original Star Trek. Never saw alot of these eps when I was younger, didn't realise so many Starfleet captains had broken the Prime Directive! doing so always leads to trouble, like the rebirth of the Nazis on an alien planet!