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    Code Geass

    Yehey Code Geass is finished.... i've been watching this since the first episode and after all the perpetual wait and all those damn cliff hanging episodes, it's ALL WORTH IT. It's just so good... his glorious, staged death and stuff... i'm not even bothered if he was actually dead or not, even...
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    Persona Trinity Soul

    i haven't played nor owned Persona so when I was watching it, it's quite confusing but I will still keep watching it coz it's quite interesting....
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    Comedy - any recommendations?

    Lovely complex is the best..^_^ love that show or how about wallflower aka yamato nadesko chichi henge or OHHC or hmmmm.....
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    Recommend me some "serious" series.

    someone mentioned x/1999 and i think that is a genius and sad anime, but i don't if it's real life anime that he wants but it evokes real life emotion especially rumbling hearts.... ^_^
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    To yaoi/BL fans out there....

    I've read a lot of yaoi/BL mostly from nakama and hochuuami coz you can download it from links they provide and download it from uploading websites... I would like to read some fushichou some other scanlators relases and it just pisses me off that why can't they upload it in some file upload...
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    One Piece

    i manage to catch up with this anime and it was definite;y worth it.... i laugh every episode of it... all the crew are fun to watch and it's like the anime will go as 500 plus episode coz it's like you don't want to end the fun... ^_^ yeah hopefully they complete the ten crew, i guess there...
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    What is your opinion on fanservice?

    i would love fan service if it's like boy's love... but it can be annoying if not done right but it's ok really coz i'm not particular about it as long as it doesn't take away the essence of the story....
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    Bleach Opening 7

    eh? "somehow way better"? i can't agree to that... bleach has way better songs than naruto....
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    Code Geass Season 2 set for Spring 08

    I just can't wait to see what's going to happen.... im so excited coz its just so good...
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    Bleach Opening 7

    i totally like the songs of asian kung-fu but it just that the song is out of place in the video.... its not the worst, it's just the least op theme in bleach.... all op songs from bleach is gravitational like you dont want to skip it but this one... it's just fine but i think it blended well...
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    Hunter X Hunter Licensed

    love HxH... Gon is just one of the the cutest anime characters ever.... he's just so cute..... ^_^ and why is it that it took so long to get it licence... after yuyu hakusho got licenced they should have licence HxH immediately coz it came from one of the best mangaka.......
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    A recomendation please.

    i agree... lovely complex is so funny from beginning to end... the best anime in the spring anime list even summer or fall.....^_^
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    Fall 2007 season new anime list

    i'm actually looking forward to code geass but i guess they are taking their time to produce a better second season... there is something wrong with me coz looking at the list they dont look so awesome and promising since the spring list... lovely complex is just the best anime from spring to...
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    Tekkonkinkreet for an Oscar?

    i've seen the amv and it looks promising and the drawing style is quite street urban look which i like and interesting.... im going to watch this soon.... i hope this will get more recognize...
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    Tekkonkinkreet for an Oscar?

    i would really like a japanese anime will win the oscar again...