Taylor, 25, Female

I got into anime and manga around 2013 when I was first properly introduced to it during college, when I was younger I'd seen the likes of Pokemon and Sonic X and once saw Spirited Away on TV which I fell in love with as well as play the odd Dragon Ball game but like many others I did not know they were anime at the time but they always did stand out to me.

For the first anime series I watched knowing what the medium was, a friend lent me their copy of High School of the Dead on DVD and my life went down hill from there.

For what I enjoy I like a bit of everything and honestly enjoy the majority of what I watch even if it isn't the greatest, I have a soft spot for slice of life and comedy anime though but I also love some great action and a good thriller / mystery. I also have a huge fondness for Dragon Ball despite having no nostalgia for it (honestly don't remember much from the video games so they played no part) which is quite uncommon but that is my number one favourite. My second and third favourites are KonoSuba and Lupin the Third which I absolutely adore, not sure if anything will budge my top three but never say never.

I am also big into video games, I mostly played Nintendo, Sonic the Hedgehog and other mascot platformers when I was younger which I still enjoy immensely but as I've gotten older I've fell in love with series such as Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Persona and many others. My favourite series would be a tie between Sonic and Pokemon with Persona 4 Golden being my recent favourite game of all time.

I have also studied video games design during College and University and am still slowly working on it post-Uni and hope to work in the industry soon enough.
8 August 1997 (Age: 26)
United Kingdom