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    Anyone know if when i woke up i became a bagel girl was released on dvd/bluray

    Anyone know if "when i woke up i became a bagel girl" was released on dvd or bluray. I know is was aired in 2019 . But beyond that I know nothing. If possible would like to add it to my collection.
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    Food wars season 3 uk release

    The collectors edition released in the states in on February 25th 2020 . Roughly how long will it be till the UK release. Standard Editions for bluray and dvd have not been announced in either the states or the UK. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Kind regards
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    Trinity Seven release?

    Has anyone heard anything about these three. If there have already been released in the UK or not ? Trinity Seven the Movie: The Eternal Library and the Alchemist Girl Trinity Seven: Heavens Library & Crimson Lord Trinity Seven and Special Lesson! any helpas always is greatly appreciated.
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    Grimgar fantasy and ash

    Thank you i had no idea about the sale or the fact it was already released.
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    Grimgar fantasy and ash

    Any news on the bluray dvd release for Grimgar fantasy and ash ?
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    Announced (& not yet scheduled) Releases

    Was unaware that they were US releases my mistake
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    Announced (& not yet scheduled) Releases

    Correct only after posting this did I find out about the early 2020 release.
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    Announced (& not yet scheduled) Releases

    Food wars the third plate English dubbed possible release this year . Why the hell are you here teacher bluray December 11th 2019 release