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    An Older Guy's VR First Love Review

    An Older Guy's VR First Love does what it says on the tin, presenting us with a 40-year-old protagonist who experiences his first love in the world of virtual reality. But is that love strong enough to continue back in real life? Continue reading...
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    Scramblues Review

    Designer Haru Kurosaki finds himself working on an album cover for musical prodigy Eddie Astley, a man known for being intimidating and fussy. Is Eddie all his reputation makes him out to be or is there someone gentler to be found beyond the reputation? Continue reading...
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    Goodbye, Don Glees! Theatrical Review

    Goodbye, Don Glees! is the latest work from rising star Atsuko Ishizuka (A Place Further than the Universe) which follows three friends on a summer adventure that will change their lives forever. Continue reading...
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    Yaoi License Announcements

    Nice to see Kodansha continuing to bring some BL out even if these are a ways off
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    Tokyo Aliens Volume 1 Review

    When high school student Akira finds himself caught up in a fight between an alien and an agent of a special forces team, his life will change forever. The latest series from Aoharu x Machinegun creator Naoe is here! Continue reading...
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    Avant-Garde Yumeko Review

    Avant-Garde Yumeko is Shuzo Oshimi's first single-volume series from way back in 2003. Here we meet phallus-obsessed Yumeko Mochizuki and unsuspecting art club member Shoichi Honda - who may be just the person to help her... Continue reading...
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    UK Anime Distributor Crunchyroll/Funimation/Manga UK Discussion Thread

    Yeah that is also a negative on the whole, although it’s still worth it for me since I really liked the adaptation despite not being complete. I’d definitely recommend checking out the source material other way tho :)
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    UK Anime Distributor Crunchyroll/Funimation/Manga UK Discussion Thread

    I'll pick up Horimiya's CE once it falls to £40-45, can't justify more than that on something with so few episodes. Particularly since those extras aren't much more than we'd be getting in an AL set and those do not run for £60 >_>
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    What manga are you reading now?

    Tower of the Sun (novel, complete) - Review on the site My Next Life as a Villainess Side Story: On the Verge of Doom! volume 3 (complete) - This was a fairly entertaining spin-off to the popular series and even though it didn't run for that long it feels like it ran its course. Kono Hon wo...
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    Tower of the Sun Review

    Long before Tatami Galaxy or Penguin Highway, author Tomihiko Morimi made his debut with Tower of the Sun. This novel has now finally made its way to the West thanks to Yen Press, but does it prove as enjoyable a read as his best-known works? Continue reading...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess volume 10 - One volume to go, the end is firmly in sight! Wandance volume 1 - Not sure what to make of this one yet. The art is great and I like the premise, but I worry the characters will be a bit... one note going forward. At the very least it felt a...
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    She and Her Cat Review

    Makoto Shinkai's She and Her Cat comes to life in a whole new way, thanks to this collection of short stories from author Naruki Nagakawa which explore the connection between cats and their beloved owners. Continue reading...
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    Your viewing journal

    Spy x Family is available on Crunchyroll. :)
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    Usotoki Rhetoric Volume 1 Review

    Usotoki Rhetoric follows protagonist Kanoko Uraba who has the ability to "hear lies", an ability that has brought her no small amount of hardship. When she meets detective Iwai Souma, her fate begins to change for the better... Continue reading...
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    Skygrazer Review

    Mangaka Masakazu Ishiguro is known for being the mind behind SoreMachi: And Yet the Town Moves and the ongoing series Heavenly Delusion, but here we check out Skygrazer, one of the creator's single-volume works. Continue reading...