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    Snow White with the Red Hair Volume 8 Review

    Volume 8 of Snow White with the Red Hair shifts focus to Obi to deliver a thoughtful and entertaining look at how he has been changing lately. For anime fans, this instalment also kicks off a brand-new arc that wasn’t adapted. This time around there is something for everyone to enjoy. Continue...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    From Me to You volumes 1-2 Zaregoto volume 3 (LN) - Caught up to the English releases now, so time for a long wait for Volume 4... Ao Haru Ride volume 11 Bungo Stray Dogs volume 15 In Another World with My Smartphone volume 20 (light novel) Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction volume 8
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    The Dragon Dentist Review

    The Dragon Dentist is an interesting anime but suffers from a disjointed plot and short runtime. However, if you’re interested in dragons or looking for something a bit more unique to watch then this is certainly worth picking up. Continue reading...
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    Sweat and Soap Volume 2 Review

    Sweat and Soap Volume 2 continues to offer a heart-warming and relatable read. A lot happens in this instalment and it’s rewarding seeing how much the cast grows from it. If you enjoyed Volume 1, then you’ll certainly want to read more of this delightful manga. Continue reading...
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    The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 1 Part 1 Review

    While The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 1 Part 1 gets off to a grim start there is undoubtedly an interesting isekai story underneath it all. How much you like it will depend on how much you can put up with plot conveniences and injustice toward the protagonist. However, if the premise sounds...
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    Selling some anime and manga from my collection :)

    Yeah that sounds good to me. I’m happy to take 8 unless it’s a drastic increase on the shipping. :)
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    Selling some anime and manga from my collection :)

    @RadFemHedonist Thanks for the detailed response! It’s a shame to hear about the condition of Volume 8, would there perhaps be any movement on the price considering that or is £30 the lowest you’re willing to accept? :)
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    Selling some anime and manga from my collection :)

    It’s okay! We just have a couple of sellers here who also sell Japanese editions, so wanted to be sure (doesn’t help that Viz kept the Japanese title for their release!). :)
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    Selling some anime and manga from my collection :)

    What’s the condition of Kimi ni Todoke? I’m also assuming these are the English Viz editions?
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    What manga are you reading now?

    The Extraordinary, The Ordinary and Soap! volume 2 (LN) Restaurant to Another World volume 2 (LN) Domestic Girlfriend (complete) Hina Change (complete) Signs of the Abyss (complete) Tearmoon Empire volume 2 (LN) Cooking with Wild Game volume 8 (LN) Queen's Quality volume 9 Daytime...
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    Perfect World Volume 1 Review

    Perfect World offers a realistic and honest look at living with a disability. Rather than shy away from the hardships of a relationship with someone in a wheelchair, Perfect World embraces everything to offer a satisfying read. While I have some small issues right now, given time, I think this...
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    What manga are you reading now?

    Yay! I'm really glad to hear that. I absolutely love the cast and concept, and you're right that while the MC may be unlikable to some I enjoy her plucky attitude. Rintaro too is a good MC, although I just feel sorry for him most of the time having to deal with Luna lol.
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    What manga are you reading now?

    Infinite Dendrogram volume 5 Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill volume 1 - This was much better in manga form than the light novel was. Log Horizon volume 4 (light novel) Spotless Love (complete, Manga + read) Chi's Sweet Home volume 2 (Japanese read) Did you end up...
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    Living-Room Matsunaga-San Volume 1 Review

    Sounds like a really sweet series along the lines of Dreamin' Sun or Shortcake Cake (though with older characters thrown into the mix). I'll definitely be picking up Volume 1 thanks to your review. :D
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    Kokoro Connect Volume 9 Review

    Kokoro Connect Volume 9 begins the series’ final arc in style. With an emotional story that could change the lives of the cast forever, this is shaping up to be a fantastic conclusion to the beloved light novel series. Continue reading...