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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    It's not like this was an issue in the thousands of fantasy stories that came before Isekai was a thing, where the main character belonged to the setting from the start. Everyone seemed perfectly okay with those for centuries, I blame C.S. Lewis for this (but mainly lack of originality and the...
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    [Overseas] Anime News & Announcements

    This sounds a little sinister without any other context. Is he going to correct the discs, or Sunrise themselves (possibly with an axe)?
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    Rate the Last Film You Watched

    Inland Empire Many years ago, shortly after discovering David Lynch, I purchased the DVD of Inland Empire. I never watched it. Some time later, I purchased the Blu-ray of Inland Empire. I never watched it. Tonight, after a wait of somewhere between twelve and thirteen years, was the night I...
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    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

    I wouldn't say it's really depressing, while some of the characters definately go through the emotional wringer and it does deal with some dark subject matter, if anything it's a show with quite positive messages about overcoming dark thinking. As someone who suffers from depression I found it...
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    The Q & A Thread (for questions that do not need a thread)

    Being cut by the BBFC doesn’t by itself make something illegal, so you’ll be fine. It’s only if something actually breaks UK law that it’s illegal to be in possession of and can get you in legal trouble for importing, and about the only thing that crosses that line in the anime/manga sphere is...
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    What Music are you listening to? Discussions Welcome!

    Dedicated to the growing ranks of Universal Credit claimants: Debbi is best Bangle. She didn't get enough lead vocals, but man could she rock that tambourine. Also that unitard. When do we get the '80s back?
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    Your viewing journal

    Galaxy Express 999: Episodes 59-70 "All aboooard!" Guess I'm back. At nearly a year to the day this has to be the longest train delay in recorded history, but boarding the Galaxy Express again and settling back in is pretty effortless. In this year's batch of episodes, Tetsuro visits America...
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    Mindbender marathon: Lain/Kon/Ōtomo simulwatch

    So, a few months late but I did really regret missing out on this simulwatch, but perhaps it was for the best as I think it's a show I need to be "in the zone" for (rewatching Twin Peaks probably did that, I wonder what David Lynch would think of it? Surely he'd appreciate the dreamlike, "what...
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    General Politics Thread

    Good job Metro, I’ll assume my cheque is in the post? The New York Post’s “IT’S JOE TIME” is also acceptable, as is The Ayrshire News’ “SOUTH AYRSHIRE GOLF CLUB OWNER LOSES 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION”.
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    General Politics Thread

    I'm just annoyed Hunter S. Thompson didn't stick it out a few more years and wasn't alive to see any of this. He was exactly the man we needed in these times. I recall reading this piece shortly after Trump was elected which I think understood the zeitgeist better than just about any other take...
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    General Politics Thread

    "This erection is a huge cock-up" might have worked better. Still, erection implies something is working properly or proceeding as planned, what you've got here is a serious case of electile dysfunction. Still, what a riot, and the actual riots haven't even started yet. A President who either...
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    The Gundam Thread

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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    I don't like to be too harsh on fellow 3D creatives' work especially if they were low on budget and time, and I don't know the full details in this instance, but frankly whoever the art director is for this series (if indeed it had one) has done a terrible job. One of the first things that...
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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    I think that's being generous. It reminds me of nothing so much as TANK S.W.A.T 01, which was released a whole six months before the PS3. Those empty, lifeless low poly repeating environments. Terrible lighting that makes no sense and has the characters about ten times brighter than the...
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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    ::flips table in unemployed 3D graduate::