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Forgot Manga reauthored Attack on Titan S1 for my rewatch, and have been skipping credit sequences. Had to go back and catch what I had missed. So much for saving time!
Started rewatching Robotics;Notes yesterday, June 13th 2019, which coincidentally is the date the first episode is set. Spooky!
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They are onto you :Kappa:
I have finally completed my below list, consider all this anime supported. Now I have to firgure out where I go from here, a studio Ghibli collection sounds nice I guess?
I wish the UK anime distributors would license these titles:
Gintama (all seasons)
Saiki Kusuo
Daily Lives of High School Boys
Hoozuki no Reitetsu
Gintama LA movie
Hakumei and Mikochi
Golden Kamuy

I doubt they will though :(
Scrambled Valkyrie
Scrambled Valkyrie
I think Golden Kamuy could possibly have a chance but yeah....highly agree about the others. Gintama particularly would be such a massive time (and money) investment for any company. It's a shame it's not as popular as other long running shonen jump manga adaptations with similar episode counts.
If you need any help with the trails series just let me know on here or the AUKN discord.
The sky trilogy and Crossbell duology are very much needed for CS3 and 4.
I’m gonna get Sky for my vita at some point. So it’ll be Crossbell to read up on and I could do that on the Legend of Heroes wikia. But any help would be appreciated.
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Happy to help, I'd avoid the vita sky versions because are buggy and only have the first 2 of 3 games on them.
The PC versions Steam/GOG are the best versions and have all 3 games with out much issues.
I can send you NG+ saves files if just want to enjoy the story or I could always link you to a let's play on youtube for the games if you want.
That way you will be prepared for CS3 and 4.
I want to start supporting some of the anime I have really enjoyed over the years. So in no particular order this is my current "wishlist" I will steadily buy as I get paid.

1. Fate/Stay night UBW parts 1-2 (Done)
2. One Punch Man (Done)
3. Magical Index parts 1-2 (Done)
4. Scientific Railgun parts 1-2 (Done)
5. Made in Abyss (Done)
6. Samurai Champloo (Done)