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were down to our last 6 episodes of FMA BH only them and the mini episodes,

we was going to watch vampire knights next but were going to wait till my sister finishes her exams, soooo i was thinking squid girl, bamboo blade, oran high school, something uplifting,.

my original list
glass fleet
romeo X juliet
the counte of monte cristo
vampire knights

gey have a look at my list and give me your opinions on what is appropriate for my mum to watch



I finally got around to watching Death Billiards. It was actually quite a nice watch. The part where they started playing pool kind of reminded me of Kaiji because of the music. I'm still to watch Arve Rezzle so I'll give it a go over the weekend. Also watched Inferno Cop which was pretty awesome. The news reporter looks like April from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.