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Darker Than Black OVA 4 - This concludes the gap between S1 and S2, and does it hella well. Everything down to why Hei is like he is is now evident, and most of the plot holes are now filled. To be honest, this is what S2 should have been like, but there we go. Very much hoping that a S3 maybe announced for this at some point, and to be honest, i can't see why not. The DtB world is vast, so there is much they can do with it.


Vampire Ninja
K-ON!! episode 20 - It was by far one of the best episodes of the series in my view, in terms of a fantastic performance and the ending of it.

The ending was so well done, when they were talking about the future, then all of the sudden they all start crying, your so emotionally attached to them that I almost start crying (I did not), It took 20 episodes to make me appreciate this series however I still think that it should of been 13 episodes

Lets hope the last episode has that same impact.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama episodes 8-12
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Rena Ryuugu

Shiki episode 7
K-ON!! episode 20
Highschool of the Dead episode 7
Ookami-san episode 8 Cameos from characters in Railgun and Toradora were awesome ^_^
Occult Academy episode 7
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Today I watched naruto shippuden ep 160, pain vs kakashi

it was rather good, and they did it again, just like when orochimaru is killed in the anime, there was a short sequence which highlighted there life and actually made the scenes somewhat sad, which was a nice touch that the manga doesn't have time for.
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Rena Ryuugu

Highschool of the Dead episode 8
Kanon 2002 episodes 9-13I cried when Makoto vanished and when I thought Ayu but the last episode cheered me up when it turned out she was still alive
Clannad episode 2
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Had a pretty crap day so spent most of it watching fullmetal alchemist brother part 2 blu ray. Ive watched eps 14 to 23 today only 3 more left =3