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Pokémon Master
Chobits 20 - For me tonights episode was just a big "what the hell?" so many story changes and revelations in one episode is not good for the old noggin' But it is very good to watch, i don't know why they didn't do this from the start. Did anyone else just want them to sock that guy in the mouth, i was dissapointed when Shinbo didn't replace the guys two front teeth.

Da Capo 16 - Skipped the recap episode as that was indeed crap, little bit more story in tonights episode not many to go now so i wonder where they are going to take it as i have no idea. Now i don't know about anyone else but the side story in this episode gave me the creeps, it was really something i wasn't expecting.

Shuffle! 3 - This has been an instant hit with me, i love it. Great characters and good comedy, the story is a bit hit and miss so far but it's only the third episode. The protection forces are a great addition, minus the creepy old men and i like it when the characters pop into the frame when they are speaking outside of the view. The laughs are plentiful in this show, everytime Shia hit's her dad with a chair i laugh. Consider my expectations exceeded.

Deaths Jester

Magical Girl
Noodle Fighter Miki - 06-12
Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito - 05-07
D.Grey-Man - 27
Kenichi - 15
Touka Gettan - 02
Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny - 07
Nagasarete Airantou - 02


Hayate no Gotoku - 02

There seems to be a lot of hype around this, so I've decided to give it a go. It still hasn't made me laugh out loud yet, but I have been laughing inwardly. This is just something light to watch while I wait for better stuff.

Death Note - 25

I don't know whether to be happy or sad. This was such a brilliant episode.


Death Scythe
Watched Darker than Black episode 1 - it's hard to work out what's going on but there are enough clues for me to make up a theory and promise myself to see more later. This could be a very good series for the season and a worthy contender for Stuff That Should Be Licenced ASAP.
I also finished Kino's Journey - it really ends on some hard-hitting tales. Most excellent.


Worlds Strongest Deciple Kenichi 15 - I am hooked on this series something about it has me hooked and I can't wait for each weeks episode


Completely Average High School Student
naruto shippuuden 8-9, man their dragging those fights out.

started watching one piece again ep143.

the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya but the running order is confusing.

Laughing Manji

School Idol
Paul said:
For a TV series, Seirei no Moribito has amazing animation - but coming from Production IG and the director of Stand Alone Complex, that's not very surprising. There's no doubt about it, this is the best looking anime of the new season and if the story lives up to its potential, this could possibly be the best anime of the season.

Shades of Otogizoushi here. I like.

Paul said:
There is no doubt about it, this new Spring season of anime has been excellent. So far I'm following Heroic Age, Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, Claymore, Bokurano, Darker than BLACK, Seirei no Moribito and Romeo X Juliet - and I still have two or three more on my list to check out. All have ranged from good to great first episodes, with some great animation to boot. After the relative disappointments of the Autumn and Winter seasons, Spring 2007 has completely refreshed my opinion of the state of anime.

That seems to be the opinion of most - April had a great start. Theres plenty of other stuff out there too:

- Lucky Star is great. This time a new dance. Though I think they have upped the challenge in this version. The YouTubers are going to need some serious talent to pull off imitations of this one, and I think we can write off a Gundam version unfortuneately.

- Really lookign forward to Nanoha StrikerS too.


Thousand Master
Heroic Age 2 Saw the debarcle that was the welcoming ceremony coming, great fun, but not quite so sure about the '12 commandments' ... they seem a little like what a genocidal contol freak would write rather than a group of enlighten uber beings.
Darker than black good, but hoping the 1st two episodes aren't setting the president for the rest of the show.
Nagasarete Airantou close enought to the manga and that's a good thing. Light and fun.
Irresponsible Captian Tyler Part of the OVA collection... would make more sense if i'd seen the previous series. Made enough sense, but character's would have probalbly shone more.
Moonlight Mile 3- midden still to hit windmill, but you can see the opening moves being played out. Just wondering how long before things get really intresting.


Brigade Leader
Watched Fruits Basket ep1-27 is it?
Today I watch Cardcaptors The Movie, although it's not that good, it brings back old memories.


Pokémon Master
Chobits 21 - Well you can tell your on the home stretch, the story has turned serious and is in the process of wrapping up all the loose ends. Tonight i seen the different side to Chobits and while the episode as a whole was jam packed with story there was not one thing to laugh at, not one thing. What i think is going to happen is the story will wrap up around episode 24/25 and the last episode will be back to the light hearted fun seen in earlier episodes. I hope it does turn out that way otherwise it's just followed to path of almost every other anime in this genre.

Da Capo 17 - Again another serious episode, however i enjoyed this one alot more. Like chobits it contained a good amount of storyline and alot was covered, some laughs chucked in too which is a bonus. I like this series, it seems to be improving over time but i'm a bit worried about some of the neglect to the other characters. I haven't seen three of them for around 3/4 episodes now and no, seeing them in the opening doesn't count.

Shuffle! 4 - Fantastic, is all i really have to say. The first four episodes have been great and Shuffle! has hit the ground running. The comedy is great and the characters really play off each other and the humour is good for a few laughs although i'm doubting or not whether most of them will be repeated at some point but i'll wait and see. Best quote of tonight "This is MY omelette" :lol:


Ooooooh Ichigo Mashmero have some OVA's out, brilliant this is one of the only animes my gf has ever watched so we are watching those


Watched disk 2 of Jinki Extend yesterday, all the jumping back and forth between stories set in 2 different timelines is getting bloomin confusing now. :?