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Love Live! Superstar!! 2nd Season episode 10 Face off.

Overlord IV episode 52 Selfish request. (Complete. Another engaging series that served the overall story quite well for me.) 4/5

One Piece (Rewatch)
episodes 308-316, 320-324


Death Scythe
AOASHI eps 22-24
Gelling and promotion.
A really good sports show about football which was pretty grounded. It took its time with the progression of our MC from cocky hero of his school team in his small town in the sticks to being the out of depth hick in the big city big club youth academy and gradually improving his skills till he gets promoted to the youth A team! Yes that's right 24 episodes in and he's only got to the youth A team, not the first team or winning at nationals like nearly every sports show I've seen. There's also no dumb "superpowers" like some sports shows, just skills honed over the course of the show, although the MCs skill is his vision which they sort animate as a "superpower", but vision is really hard to get across verbally without a lot of explanation. There's also a sweet, but subtle romance/love triangle which made the off field stuff more interesting too.
The art was pretty good, all characters are pretty unique, but the animation was a lot of the time non-existent, although I get that animating a whole match would take ages to do and some of the things they did with slow-mo etc worked, but other things didn't.

Maybe I'll check this one out based on your recommendation as I enjoy a good sports anime :)


Baka Ranger
The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting eps 11 & 12
Run away and atonement.
This was quite chill for a show involving Yakuza, although there was a few dramatic moments they were solved really quickly and despite seemingly starting to build towards something towards the end it fizzled out as if they thought they had to have a big ending, but found out about a second season so backed out of it (there's no second season as far as I can tell). So it felt a bit like a non-ending. Kirishima has a fairly decent story arch though.
The art was quite good and the animation equally so.

Shadows House
s2 eps 10-12
Fountain of knowledge, passageway and responsibility.
This season changed from the mostly introductory nature of the first season to a mystery plot with the leads trying to track down the person/s responsible for attacking the residents of their wing of the house. That's not say the greater mystery of the house was ignored with new tidbits of information being revealed. The mystery wraps up before the end and the last episode feels like an introduction to the next arc of the story, so hopefully there's another season.
The art and animation were pretty much the same as the first season.


Great Teacher
Inu-Oh [English Audio] -
A really interesting film that has deservedly gotten praise for the music within the production and the story it tells throughout, pulling from the historical period this is set in and changes in the cultural landscape. A bit of a problem, however, is the presentation, unique (hopefully) to these screenings. The dub does leave the music pretty much unchanged (only dubbing the dialogue, leaving the songs in their original form), however it was fairly clear that the songs were conveying parts of the story as well... but the songs were not subtitled (it did have sign subs etc). It's my understanding those were subbed in the subtitled screenings. Now, I could pick up on what was happening based on other dialogue and other plot points happening elsewhere, but it was a bit of a problem and something that I hope the blu-ray fixes. Hopefully the distributor keeps this in mind next time a similar situation occurs.


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Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun episode 12 Consumption. (Complete. The story here continues to impress with its unique and strange world-building and tragic characters. One of the seasonal highlights for me and possibly one of the best this year so far.) 4.5/5

One Piece (Rewatch)
episodes 337-350


Baka Ranger
Inu-oh (at the cinema)
This was quite bizarre at points especially when it didn't really tell you what was happening and switching between protagonists in the first half, but then it turns into Baz Luhrmann does Dororo with musical numbers, using modern instruments as well as the biwa, etc shown, instead of battles versus monsters! It's set in the 14th century roughly 200 years after the period covered in The Heike Story, but the stories told throughout are about the Heike.
however it was fairly clear that the songs were conveying parts of the story as well
Indeed the songs covered stories from the battle at the end of the Heike period and whilst dubbing the songs might not have worked it's weird that they didn't sub them.
The art is the usual Yuasa slightly off kilter design, probably less so than some of his stuff. The animation was really good with some excellent cinematic scenes and the musical scenes were great too.


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Call of the Night episode 13 Finding new things. (Complete. A vampire romance series that was a fun watch with some nice atmosphere to the night setting.) 3.5/5

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? IV
episode 11 Not giving up. (Complete. This was a very gritty and action-focused season and one of my favourites so far.) 4/5

The Devil is a Part Timer! Season 2
episode 12 Powers. (Complete. This was a second season that I wasn’t expecting to materialise but it was nice to see this story continued despite the change in animation style, and I’ll be watching Season 3 next year.) 3.5/5

One Piece (Rewatch)
episodes 351-363


Stand User
Gatchaman Crowds - episodes 1 - 12

Latest title from my backlog, interesting fighting series with a reasonable ending.

although it didn't explain why Rui crossdresses in public or why Utsutsu wears a bikini most of the time (other than for fan service?)


Dragon Knight
Appleseed (1988 OVA - Blu-ray)

I've been a big fan of Appleseed ever since I first saw it in th 90's (and another anime I've now bought on 3 formats) and it still holds up well for me. I love the sinister edge it has as it tells it's story about humanity evolving to utopian societies and the integration of robots and enchanced humans into that society.

Super Beast Machine God Dancouga - Episodes 16 - 18 (Blu-ray)

Ranma 1/2 - Episode 101 - 104 (Blu-ray)
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Baka Ranger
Luminous Witches eps 10-12 (complete)
Homecoming, returning and the big show.
A pretty fun idol show spun off from Strike Witches, which I haven't seen, but I'm guessing has a different tone. Another show with too many characters, although they mostly got their own episode each. There wasn't much to the story, a bunch of misfits not able to fight come together and shockingly have the skills between them to write songs, make costumes, choreograph routines and then actually perform them to high standard. There was some light drama along the way, but all tropey like; I can't do this thing, but with friends I can get over it and then do said thing, etc.
The art and animation were OK, but you can definitely tell most effort was put into the performances which were good as were the songs.

Call of the Night
eps 10-13 (complete)
Maid, school rumours, uncertainty and decision time.
A chill watch with good fun characters, excellent music and cinematography. Shame the plot didn't really go anywhere until the last couple of episodes as it was starting to drag a tad. I've seen a few "it gets better" from the manga fans, so definitely up for a second season.
The art is very nice, it was driving me nuts as to where I'd seen similar character designs, turns out the mangaka also did Dagashi Kashi. The animation was very good too.

Summer's not over yet, but Autumn is here:
My Master Has No Tail ep 1
Seems like fun. A Tanuki visits Osaka, but can't trick any of the humans and then she watches a master Rakugoka "trick" the humans with her expert telling of her story and so the Tanuki decides she wants to do the same. Some of the jokes are Japanese puns or references, but there were enough that translated well enough.

Yuru Camp s1 e9 (dub)
Virtual guide.


School Idol
Book of Bantorra episodes 19-27: Well I think most of the questions were answered, but there were so many plot twists in the last half dozen episodes that I can't be sure. I think I enjoyed the journey to the big finale. No extras apart from a couple of previews.

Dragon Slayer

Call of the Night Episode 13 (Complete. A vampire romance series with a colorful artstyle nightime setting that was a rather fun watch.) 3.5/5

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? IV
Episode 11 (Complete... for now. So far his has been a fairly solid gritty action-packed season and I'm looking forward to the next half in January.) 4/5

Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 12 (Complete. This seasons story picks up where DotDS concludes and continues to build upon the world-building and tragedy. For me this is definitely my AOTS and potentially of the year.) 4.5/5

My Master Has No Tail
Episode 1 Seems decent enough but probably one for the 3-eps rule.

Overlord IV Episode 13 (Complete. Another season that for me futher progressed the overall story along quite well.) 4/5

Reincarnated as a Sword
Episode 1 Nice to see a whole new fresh take on the "Reincarnated as a" concept being used.

The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2 Episode 12 (Complete. A second season that has been long overdue and with another sequel coming next year which I'll definitely be watching, it's good to see this story get a continuation.) 3.5/5


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BASTARD!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy- (Japanese audio) - Episodes 20-24 (Completed)
OVERLORD IV (Japanese audio) - Episodes 10-13 (Completed)
Uncle from Another World (Japanese audio) - Episodes 4-7


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Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These - Intrigue episode 37 A tough job.

My Master Has No Tail episode 1 Meeting.

One Piece (Rewatch) episodes 364-381, 385-387


Pokémon Master
Call of the Night episodes 10-11.
Smile of the Arsnotoria the Animation episode 12. (finished)
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon IV episodes 10-11. (finished)


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Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
episode 1

The Irregular at Magic High School
episodes 1-7

All yesterday.
Probably says something about me.