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School Idol
What Do You Do At The End Of The World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us?-I'm rewatching this again with the english dub. Pretty sad show, especially at the end.


The Quintessential Pouts
AUKN Staff
BEASTARS Season 2 (Japanese audio) - Episode 3
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection (Japanese audio) - Film
Gundam: Reconguista in G (Japanese audio) - Episodes 10-13
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Japanese audio) - Episode 3
Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town? (Japanese audio) - Episode 4

Code Geass's new film was great fun and I actually liked it a lot more than I had expected. There were only a few minor complaints that I had in general - they could have explained Lelouch's revival a bit better and this applies to both how C.C. brought him back and his return during the temple.

With the former, my preference would have been additional scenes (perhaps as a prologue) that actually go over how Shirley brings Lelouch to C.C. and how C.C. brings him back, rather than summarise it in a sentence that can easily be skipped (to provide a bit of context, Glorification (the third compilation film) basically ends the same as R2 but the post-credit scene hints at Shirley's involvement and that is it).

With the latter, he just randomly comes back without enough context and it just felt like I was missing something. There are some hints near the end of the film, but I feel like it needed to be a bit clearer.

The other minor issue I had is when Lelouch reunites with the rest of the gang. As much as I liked the scene, it did feel a bit forced and out of nowhere and my preference would have been some additional context to have the interaction be much better.

Other than that, the rest of the film I had no issues with in general. The villains aren't amazing but I did like the Princess' Geass ability because it provided Lelouch with a big challenge to face. The action scenes work really well and I liked the whole style of having the story and everything be outside of Japan which reminded me a lot of Psycho-Pass's film and Sinners of the System Case 3.


The Wildcard
Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki-kun ep 3
Level up!

Kemono Jihen ep 3

Otherside Picnic ep 4

Horimiya ep 3
Doubt, confirmation and confrontation.

Jujutsu Kaisen ep 15
Tournament start.

So I'm a Spider, So What? ep 3
Man this is dull. The same problems as I've already mentioned and the plot is aimless. Yes you're a spider, so what is your end goal? Acceptance, a way to change/fix it, someone or thing to blame? At the moment there's just a load of blundering around talking to themselves and I also think it would have been better to keep the rest of the cast out of it for now, so it would be as surprising for us as for her when she finds out the rest of her class were also reincarnated. Not much is happening in that part of the story either. Thinking hard about dropping.

Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki s3 e3
Action shot.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby s2 e4
Training regimes.

Attack on Titan Final Season ep 7
Attack on Titans!

Non Non Biyori Nonstop ep 3


Dandy Guy, in Space
If you're watching Osomatsu-san, probably best to watch season 3 episode 16 ASAP before it gets taken down for copyright infringement. They did an almost shot-by-shot remake of Robocop followed by a lengthy They Live parody.


CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
Otherside Picnic episode 4 Serious bad luck.

Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved into a Starter Town? episode 4 Soldier.

True Cooking Master Boy 2nd Season episode 15 Deception.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Season 2 episode 4 Fortunes and fables

Samurai Jack Season One Having not seen any episodes from the series since the mid 2000’s, I thought it was time to give this a proper watch. So far I’m very impressed.

Dragon Slayer

Mad Scientist
Attack on Titan: The Final Season Episode 66 Obliteration.

Azur Lane: Slow Ahead! Episode 3

Otherside Picnic Episode 4 Illusion.

Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town Episode 4 Gunjin.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Season 2 Episode 4 Center of attention.


Death Scythe
Girlish Number was next in my backlog from an MVM mystery box. Went in expecting cute girls doing cute things what I got was, well precisely that but also a somewhat realistic and cynical view of the anime industry and I kind of enjoyed it. When the subplot is better than the main plot.

Millenium Actress Genuinely a great movie. Did Vincentdante finally find a romance movie he can genuinely enjoy? It seems so. Not something I can rewatch in a hurry though with such a heavy theme but I think I have become a fan of this director after this and Perfect Blue knocked it out of the park.


Death Scythe
Hokuto no Ken - Episodes 53 -60

Getting a touch formulaic in places but it's still a great show and I love the characters.

SD Gundam Mk I - Episodes 1- 3 [Final]

It's been over a decade since I saw this but there's a fansub from a better source available now so time for a re-watch. Still a fantastic parody of MS Gundam, Z & ZZ, Kamille's starry eyes still crack me up!

Back Arrow - Episode 2

This episode was ok after a bit of a throw everything at the wall first episode.


After War Gundam X (Japanese) - Episodes 1-7

This already has me more interested than Turn A which had a terribly paced set up and execution in the first few episodes but After War feels much more even, intrigued as to what direction it'll go.

Cyber City Oedo 808 (English, Manga Dub) - Episode 1

It's hard to judge this one because the Manga dub makes everything slightly ridiculous, while of course being highly entertaining to watch. I've heard that each episode focuses on one of the three main characters which definitely sounds like a good way to give them a decent amount of screen time but I'll be sad to not hear or see so much of Sengoku.


Thousand Master
Cyber City Oedo 808 (English, Manga Dub) - Episode 1

It's hard to judge this one because the Manga dub makes everything slightly ridiculous, while of course being highly entertaining to watch. I've heard that each episode focuses on one of the three main characters which definitely sounds like a good way to give them a decent amount of screen time but I'll be sad to not hear or see so much of Sengoku.
He’s my fave character and this is my favourite episode... although I’ve not watched it in a while tbh. Hopefully watch my anime ltd set this weekend but I felt it was a missed opportunity not having him in the show more.


CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
Black Clover episode 161 As a magic knight.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 2nd Season episode 28 Hospitality.

Samurai Jack Season Two Another very solid season.

Dragon Slayer

Mad Scientist
Chidori RSC (Rifle is Beautiful) (English Dub) Episode 5

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 2nd Season Episode 28

World Witches Series: World Witches Take Off! Episode 3


The Wildcard
Wonder Egg Priority ep 3
We meet another girl who is buying eggs. She's s much more up beat than Ai and even a bit arrogant. The mask soon slips though and it turns out she's got her own hang ups.


The Quintessential Pouts
AUKN Staff
Gundam: Reconguista in G (Japanese audio) - Episodes 22-26 (Completed)
Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Season 2 (Japanese audio) - Episode 17
WONDER EGG PRIORITY (Japanese audio) - Episode 3

Reconguista is a weird one. It's not a great show but neither is it bad either - it's basically a poorly executed but enjoyable enough of a mess to watch. The biggest issues comes from its story and characters. I have rough ideas on what is going on, but there's so many factions that keep swapping stances that it gets confusing as to who is the enemy or ally. Let's take Zeta Gundam for instance - that show had at least three main factions but unlike Reconguista, it was much easier to narrow down who's who and their motivations.

While I do like the main crew of the series, the motivations are not consistent and there's no real punishment involved for all of them. Characters quickly turn on the main crew for no reason or very stupid reasons. There's not even a proper villain out of all of this either. Heck there was a random plot-twist to explain how the MC could pilot his Gundam and I found that to be pretty out of place and was never really touched upon properly or made any big impact at all. Also, certain stuff happens and then gets either forgotten or shrugged over like it was nothing for the next episode/scene to then quickly skip to something else. Not to mention the biggest real issue in general from what I have heard is that Tomino, the Gundam creator, basically wanted to make a non-violent and kid-friendly Gundam series and this was the result. I don't mind that idea as this show does feel like the 1979 Gundam at times with its humour and tone, but I do think it could have at least taken some ideas from Zeta to make it more interesting.

That being said, the battle scenes were pretty good and some of the characters were again pretty interesting enough to watch as they go along. The pacing is certainly rushed but it did not bore me either. The art style is great and the animation is a frustrating one because the show is mostly 2D which is very impressive given the year the show came out but at the same time it keeps shifting from low-res MEGALOBOX style to proper high-res with the drawings so it feels incomplete or rushed at parts. There's also some weird editing here and there. Music is pretty good for Gundam standards though I keep thinking of that ZA WARUDO scene from JoJo Part 3 with a lot of the orchestra for this series.

Overall, Reconguista to me is at least a 5/10. Not great, but honestly watchable and you can get some enjoyment out of it. I'm curious to see if the five-part movie series will improve on the show but from the quick glances I have seen, probably not. Ending of the show wasn't that great either.