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Dragon Slayer

By the Grace of the Gods (English Dub) Episode 2

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War 2nd Season (English Dub) Episode 11

Sword Art Online Alicization: -War of Underworld- Part 2 (English Dub) Episode 13

The Day I Became a God (English Dub) Episode 2

By the Grace of the Gods Episode 6 Goblin Slimer.

Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Episode 5 Signatures and Karaoke.

Maesetsu! -Opening Act- Episode 5 Sightseeing tour.

One Room Third Season Episode 6 Wish.

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Episode 6 Mishaps and misunderstanding.

Talentless Nana Episode 6 Reveal.


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Dropout Idol Fruit Tart episode 5 Suspicious.

Golden Kamuy 3rd Season episode 30 He ain’t heavy...

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle episode 6 If only tonight we could Sleep.

My Roommate is a Cat (Rewatch) episodes 1-9

Girls with Guns

Mad Scientist
The neighbor couple came over tonight and I showed them B: The Beginning Eps 1-3 in my theater. They're really into it already!

Watched Moriarty the Patriot episode 5 after they left. Maybe not quite as good as the previous episodes, but still very interesting.


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Black Clover episode 151 Competition of the captains.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park episode 6 War has begun?

My Roommate is a Cat (Rewatch) episodes 10-12 (Complete. I recall enjoying this quite a bit when it was airing and upon rewatch still appreciate how it managed to combine SoL antics with more mature themes and my thoughts haven’t changed, it’s still quite enjoyable on a second viewing.) 3.5/5

Mysterious Girlfriend X
episodes 1-9


Baka Ranger
Golden Kamuy s3 e6
Ghosts from the past.

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle ep 6
Poor sense of direction.

That is the Bottleneck ep 5
The truth is revealed.

Talentless Nana ep 6
Dead to rights.


Baka Ranger
both seasons of Oreimo
Did you watch the true ending 😏:

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Dragon Slayer

Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World (English Dub) Episode 3

DOGEZA: I Tried Asking Episode 3 Tsundere.

Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World Episode 6 Branded and abducted.

Strike Witches: Road to Berlin Episode 6 Bulk up.


Baka Ranger
Dropout Idol Fruit Tart ep 5

The Day I Became a God ep 5
Messages from beyond.

Noblesse ep 6
Power unleashed.

Noblesse: Awakening (OVA)
Wakey, wakey.
I suddenly thought to myself that maybe the reason this isn't with the rest of the Noblesse videos on Crunchyroll is that it might be under a different name and sure enough it was. Most of the information it contained I've already gleaned from watching the series apart from the hint that the superhuman powers the engineered ones have may have come from Frankenstein, but it does actually raise a question, what happened to the cute girl (Yuna) between this and the season?
It did look a bit better than the series though. Probably had more time to work on it.


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Kimisen, Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World episode 6 Marked.

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear episode 6 Soured?

Noblesse episode 6 More ramen goodness.

Mysterious Girlfriend X episodes 10-13 (Complete. A romance anime with a strange premise executed fairly effectively outside of one or two episodes wherein individuals try to drive a wedge between the main couple following fairly predictable story beats in the process. If you can get past all the drool consumption there’s a unique love story to be had here.) 3.5/5

Nagasarete Airantou
episodes 1-9


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Adachi and Shimamura episode 6 Christmas anxiety.

Akudama Drive episode 6 Worry.

Higurashi: When They Cry - NEW episode 7 Ominous.

Nagasarete Airantou episodes 10-18


State Alchemist

Galaxy Express 999: Episodes 59-70 "All aboooard!"

Guess I'm back. At nearly a year to the day this has to be the longest train delay in recorded history, but boarding the Galaxy Express again and settling back in is pretty effortless. In this year's batch of episodes, Tetsuro visits America the Planet of the Fat People, Goth World, continues his galaxy-wide Che Guevara act by assisting at least three more revolutions incuding on Wild West Nazi Librarian Planet, meets his maker, causes a planet to commit suicide and befriends yet another dinosaur. Oh and of course, no journey would be complete without our regular scheduled stop at Misery Town.

Mental wounds not healing, life's a bitter shame

The trail of destruction that the GE999 leaves in its wake is really quite something. If it weren't protected by the Galaxy Railways SDF and their nuclear armed armoured space trains, you'd think whenever a planet saw it coming they'd sooner shoot it out of the sky than run the risk of it landing and resulting in either the overthrow of the government, the death of most (or all) of the population or the destruction of the entire planet, that particular event having now occured on more than one occassion. Whoever maintains the timetable is going to be pretty ticked off with Maetel and Tetsuro by the end of this journey for all the ammendments they'll have to make.

I will say this for GE999: It redefines what it means to be original. Where on earth the ideas for these episodes came from, whether it was the mind of Leiji Matsumoto himself or writers for the TV series, they surely knew how to come up with things that had never been done before and certainly haven't been emulated since. Every episode I'm now ready for the "What if there was a planet..." and rarely is the end of that sentence anything predictable. Sometimes the ideas work ("What if there was a planet where people lived in pitch darkness?") and sometimes they don't ("What if there was a planet that was sentient and liked to watch people strip off?") but they certainly weren't afraid to throw anything and everything against the wall to see what stuck. Or perhaps just because it was fun to throw things at a wall. But also to despair for humanity.

Also maybe it was just me, but when Maetel was strumming her guitar it totally sounded like the riff from OMD's The New Stone Age. "Oh my God, what have we done this time?" would certainly be an appropriate lyric for our protagonists.
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