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Ace of Diamond: Act II episode 46 I want to tell you.

Black Clover episode 122 Balancing act.

Isekai Quartet 2 episode 6 Winging it.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen episode 7 Without value?

Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series episodes 11-12

Silver Spoon Season 2 (Rewatch) episodes 7-11 (Complete. A great progression that sees the characters struggle and mature with their situations. It’s a damn shame we haven’t gotten a third season yet.) 4/5
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Aggretsuko Season 1 (Japanese audio) - Episode 1
In/Spectre (Japanese audio) - Episode 3
The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 1 (Japanese audio) - Episode 2 (Re-watch)

Dragon Quest: Your Story (Japanese audio) - Film


Princess Tutu eps 14-16 (aka 14-19)
Take your heart.
Episodes seem a little tighter, maybe because this part of the show was originally released as half length episodes, apart from the finale.

Grinding and breaking the game even more than they already have.
Maple's quest in this episode gives me RPG flashbacks:
NPC: We need a certain item.
Player: You mean this thing that I've had in my inventory for hours and was costing me Carry Weight because I couldn't drop it or sell it?
NPC: Thanks, that must have been really hard to find!
Player: Not really I was just wandering past a cave and thought I'd see what I could find 😄

No Guns Life ep 12 (complete)
Finally got round to finishing this. I must have been working when it came out and just kept thinking to myself "I can't be arsed to watch it". I think because dispite seeming it might be quite cool the stand alone episodes did little to move the overall plot, which in itself was a little weird. Big corporation loses asset and wants it back, but they know where he is and Juzo just keeps taking other jobs instead of going into hiding or taking the fight to them.
The art was cool apart from the comedy reaction stuff with the basic character designs (a La FMA) which are so out of place in a relatively serious show.
Hopefully the second part will be better.

Still need to finish Babylon, but those watching it seemed disappointed in the remaining episodes.

Professor Irony

Emiya Family Cooking ep3-4

The problem with watching this while eating something is that whatever you're having inevitably pails in comparison to whatever the characters are eating on screen. It's like seeing those ridiculous juicy steaks they always used to have in Tom and Jerry.

Re:Creators ep5-6

The exposition is a bit heavy going at times, but still enjoying this. It's a bit like how I imagine Gate might have been, if it weren't utter rubbish.

No Guns Life ep 12 (complete)

Really wanted to love that show, the first episode had so much promise, but I had very similar feelings about it in the end. It just feels like a missed opportunity.


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Ahiru no Sora episode 20 The gift.

BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense episode 7 Speedrun.

Radiant 2nd Season episode 20 A sign of hope.

Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series episode 13

Snow White with the Red Hair episodes 1-6


Death Scythe
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! episode 7

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Memory Snow
Really enjoyed this break from the usual suffering. Serves as a nice break between arcs when viewed alongside the Director's Cut with a small preview of characters and events from the coming episodes. Characters were all great as usual and worked well with the genre switch to comedy leading to a lot of fun moments and even a neat reference to fellow Isekai Quartet member Konosuba. It's just a really nice change of pace to see the characters having fun for once. 9/10

Dragon Slayer

BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense (English Dub) Episode 5

Plunderer (English Dub) Episode 7 Looks can be deceiving.

Radiant Season 2 (English Dub) Episode 18

BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense Episode 7 Level grinding.

Radiant Season 2 Episode 20 Negative effects and Positive outcomes.

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- [Director’s Cut] Episode 7

The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods Episode 19 An alliance or...?


Somali and the Forest Spirit ep 7
Parting ways and an interesting visit to the library.

Budoukan ep 7

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun ep 7

Hatena☆Illusion has a recap/cast interview about the show, so I'll leave that for now.


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NekoparA episode 7 Stormy weather and story making.

Somali and the Forest Spirit episode 7 Peace of mind.

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard episode 7 A former competitor.

Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun episode 7 Sticking together?

Snow White with the Red Hair episodes 7-9

Dragon Slayer

Hatena☆Illusion (English Dub) Episode 5

If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die (English Dub) Episode 5

Infinite Dendrogram (English Dub) Episode 5

Nekopara (English Dub) Episode 5

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun (English Dub) Episode 5

If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die Episode 7

Nekopara Episode 7 A nice reference nod to some classic fairy tales.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 7 Separate ways and Library visit.

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Episode 7 Donuts and confronted.


Animation X Paralympic: Who is Your Hero?
A series of 8 anime shorts about Para-sports commissioned by NHK.
They were all very good with a different feel to each. A few introduced real world athletes, while a few concentrated fictional characters overcoming their condition and others just introduced the sport. Some were comedic and others had romantic elements.
My favourite were the 2 with romantic elements, the Athletics one, which was also more of a musical piece, where an amputee girl meets a boy, the Badminton one with competitive childhood friends and of the others the "Murderball" one by Ashita no Joe co-creator Tetsuya Chiba. Least favourites were the ones that introduced individual athletes as they were both (Tennis and Cycling) quite straightforward, MC from relevant anime of said sport meets athlete and have a match/race. Might be of interest to fans of the anime/s, but there was no real story to them.
Not sure if there's more to come as the releases seem to have been sporadic over the last couple of years. There also appears to be no MAL entry, but I would give it a 7.


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Just finished catching up with all of the MVM Monogatari releases now. But with no other releases on the horizon though I'm genuinely saddened as it has fast become one of my favorite shows. Of course I knew this day would come, I guess I could just bite the bullet and import the rest but anyone that know's my opinion on AoA will know why I am reluctant.

Don't mind me just lamenting my fate of having reached this point.


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Asteroid in Love episode 7 Showing kids the stars.

Haikyu!: To The Top episode 7 Constructive criticism.

Science Fell in Love, So I tried to Prove It episode 9 Beach episode.

Smile Down the Runway episode 7 Sincerity.

Snow White with the Red Hair episodes 10-12 (Complete. A fairly relaxed series that took time to develop and grow. Onto Season 2.) 3.5/5

Snow White with the Red Hair 2
episodes 13-16