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fanservice fans and people who like low brow comedy idiots
Probably why I like this show. Though it felt quite meta and self aware to me. Like the Hooters parody always being the exact same one with the same waitress no matter where in the galaxy they went. As a running gag it worked for me.

With zero overarching plot
I liked the mostly stand alone nature of the show as it worked for having separate directors for different episodes. Having said that it does come together at the end.

I liked this show. It's not high art but it's fun and self aware and visually it was often confident enough to try things out and be a bit out there. but as with most comedies if it's not for you then theres no point struggling on.


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Kono Oto Tomare! s2 e5
A new teacher. Still not sure what Akira's motivation is. She seems to be playing along with her Grandmother's evil plan, but maybe secretly wants to help Satowa. She seems upset at whatever happened with Satowa in the competition that saw her expelled from the Hozuki School. From the preview we'll get some answers next week.

Unit 7 ep 5
A trip to the mall!

Fairy Gone s1 p2 e5
Finally a bit of explanation about the McGuffin of the plot. Seems it might hold the key to a Weapon of Mass Destruction with talk of a land that was once prosperous, but now is a wasteland, which reminded me of FMA.

Chihayafuru s3 eps 4-5
The results of the matches leave us with a Chihaya versus Taichi final! They make the matches so tense, I love it!


CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
Ace of Diamond: Act II episode 32 New team members.

Bananya and the Curious Bunch episode 6 I want my Cat TV.

Black Clover episode 108 Family feud.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episodes 26-34


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Psycho-Pass S3 episode 2
I don't like how it doesn't fully explain what happened since the film. I expect that'll come soon enough but I find it more annoying than anything. Still don't like the new characters either.
Animation and music is ace though.


Yeah cos the SoS' films explains some of it. Kogami mostly. But they are essential and it being on Amazon means bets on the table FUNi wont ever license them. Yes I did pirate them as I cant see them being licensed and Free S3 without the films was confusing so I wasn't repeating that again


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Im also watching Chihayafuru 3. Shame its not that popular on here, I feel like most people would like it if they just gave it a chance. 😕
Never even heard of it tbh. Unless there's a different english title I might know. Is there anywhere to watch it here?