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Captain Karen
Wish Upon the Pleadies- Episodes 5-9

Some lovely character development in these episodes as well as a good bit of general magical girl fun. Still enjoying this quite a bit!

Full Metal Panic- Episode 4 and 5

As much as I do love KyoAni's SOL work, when they can do action shows at this level, it's a shame they stick to doing SOL. The animation in this is really high quality. Hell, I think episode 5 has one of the best action sequences I've ever seen, the whole chase was just amazing from beginning to end.

Flip Flappers- Episode 2

Speaking of fantastic animation, Flip Flappers is still just blowing me away from an animation stand point. When the characters are just in the normal world it looks good, but when they go to the Total Illusion world (or whatever it's called) it just becomes gorgeous. I cannot gush about the animation more in this show. It's also generally quite fun and Papika is very entertaining.

Keijo- Episode 2

Just as ridiculous as I want and expect it to be. I can see why people would hate this, but it's just so crazy, I can't help but think it's great.
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Dragon Knight
Grey - Digital Target

Super Beast Machine God Dancouga - Episodes 32 - 34 (Blu-ray)

Yuri!!! On Ice - Episode 1

As some others have already said on this forum, I didn't think this first episode of Yuri!!! On Ice was quite as mind-blowing as it has been made out elsewhere, but that said I did still really, really enjoy it. I like skating and it's nice to see a sports anime about it rather than football etc.. Plus it looked really nice as well, definitely going to stick with it.


Captain Karen
Wish Upon the Pleiades-Episodes 10-12 (Complete)

Review for this should be up in the coming days, if anyone's interested.

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid-Episodes 6 and 7

A couple of calmer episodes in comparison to the last few, but I'm glad it's returning a bit of the focus towards the Sousuke and Chidori relationship, I felt that was really in danger of being forgotten about completely, and the direction these episodes have went with said relationship will be interesting to see play out.

Drifters-Episode 2

I quite liked the first episode, but I loved this follow up. Doubled down on the intense, gory action that I really loved from episode 1, and man was it brutal as hell. Really glad we're getting this uncensored, if we did get a censored version, I'm not sure there'd be much to watch in this episode. Comedy still isn't really doing anything for me though.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable-Episode 29

Honestly, I wasn't too fussed on this two parter. The chase was kind of long and I'm not sure it had a really satisfying pay off. Echoes Act 3 made me laugh though.

Yuri on Ice-Episode 2

I'm still largely nonplussed by this series. It's good, but nothing outstanding still. I don't plan on dropping it, but if this is as good as it gets, I'm sorry, I just don't get what all the fuss is about. Like Drifters, the comedy just utterly fails to make me even smirk, but at least Drifters makes up for it in it's highly entertaining action sequences, but this, whilst not boring, just feels kind of there. Nothing special, just kind of average.

Professor Irony

Drifters ep2

A slight complaint I have with the way that CR are handling the subs on this is that, while it's often implied through the dialogue, there's nothing to indicate when characters are speaking in different languages.

Dat op though.

Diamond is Unbreakable ep29

I quite enjoyed it. Maybe it's because I thought Janken Boy and especially the first episode about the alien guy were a bit of a low point by comparison, but I thought this was fine.


Ep 2 of Yuri!!! on Ice...i'm loving it more as it goes along.
Ep 2 of Drifters...such great action and gore. Loving the OP as well.
Ep 2 of All Out!!
Ep 2 of Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru
Eps 1-7 of Nobunaga the Fool


Magical Girl
Assassination Classroom 1-11
Finished the part 1 I picked up from Amazon's lightning deal the other day. Hasn't quite gotten to where I've read the manga up to (volume 5), but seems to be getting close. Really enjoying it so far, though I'll probably wait a couple weeks until payday to pick up part 2.

Polar Bear's Café 1-7
Shut it down folks, turns out the greatest anime ever made happened four years ago.


Captain Karen
Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid-Episodes 8-13, Episode 000 and OVA (Complete)

You know, I was 110% on board with The Second Raid for the first half, but it really takes kind of a dip in quality in its latter half. As much as I thought it might have been interesting initially, the whole angsty, depressed Sousuke that the last half centers on was really a drag. It was largely just him moping around for 4 or 5 episodes, and it was never particularly interesting, and I was actually getting pretty bored. Adding to this was the fact that this half was also severely lacking in action sequences, barring the last episode, and when your show is an action/mecha show, that's a problem. I don't think taking this franchise down a darker path is inherently a bad idea, but it just really wasn't handled well. Another squandered idea was having Tessa's brother involved on the enemy side. They literally do nothing at all with this idea, and is very undercooked. Granted, I'm pretty sure this aspect is expanded upon in the source, but in the anime, it just seems pointless. I don't think it was enough to ruin the incredibly enjoyable first half, but it's kind of a shame they couldn't keep the general level of quality up.

The OVA was pretty enjoyable, although tonally, it wasn't really a Second Raid OVA, but more of a Fumoffu OVA instead. Got a few laughs out of me.

Having seen all three seasons of Full Metal Panic now, I can definitely say that Fumoffu was the best. It had a bunch of excellent action sequences and was generally a ton of fun and genuinely quite funny. With a new season on the way in the future, I do wonder what kind of tone it will adopt, wacky and fun like Fumoffu or dark and serious like The Second Raid. Personally, I don't think I'd mind either, but I would be interested if they could execute the latter more successfully than The Second Raid did.
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Death Scythe
The second raid was my favorite series of the three as it actually moved the plot along somewhat. The next season will be based around the Sigma arc and is apparently the best of the series. I suspect it will be a more serious tone with bits of comedy to give you a breather. I really hope the next Full Metal panic will be 24eps. We should get more info in the announcement on the 22nd of October.


Mad Scientist
I have mixed feelings about the Second Raid. On one hand, it's definitely not as memorable as the first series or Fumoffu - but the animation quality is obviously a fairly big step up, and I also liked how it tried to go for a more adult tone. That said, I always come back to the roof-top scene in the rain which is a) a total rip off/homage of Blade Runner, and b) gets a little weird with its fanservice / borderline rapey in tone (if I'm remembering it correctly)


Captain Karen
How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend (SaeKano)-Episodes 1-6

Decided to check this out after a few people were chatting about it in the Discord. Incredibly enjoyable show to watch, the characters are pretty great and entertaining and the animation is good and quite different from how A-1 productions usually look.


Magical Girl
Orange 5-13 (Complete)

Overall, I really enjoyed it, even if Naho and Kakeru are perhaps the least interesting characters in the show, and that the former made me want to scream at my TV on more than a handful of occasions...