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Dragon Knight
Super Beast Machine God Dancouga - Episodes 9 - 11 (Blu-ray)

Episode 11 was a really, really good episode but the animation was absolutely awful!

Thunderbolt Fantasy - Episode 12


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New Game 12 of what I've seen so far this has been my favorite of the season.
Amaama to Inazuma 05 & 06, A good series to be eating while watching, much like Silver Spoon.
Angel Cop 01 & 02 I got my hands on the iso's of the fansubbed Japanese R2 dvds, much more faithful to whats actually being said. Just need to wait and see if it'll actually blame the Jews unlike the western sub and dubs of it changed.


Za Warudo
Mob Psycho 100 - Episode 12 - A fun ending to a pretty fun series. Reigen is awesome! Not gonna lie I thought that the bad guy was a little kid, probably female so was kinda funny.

I'm actually in a bit of a slump just now, can't really be bothered watching anything (I think the crap my visiting friend has had me watching has killed my enthusiasm tbh lol) so I'm not gonna force it and just wait til the mood takes me.
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Digimon Adventure 01-Episodes 41-48

Last stretch now, I can see the finish! This last arc has probably been the best yet, if not in terms of story, then in terms of character, but I am all digimon'd out at this point.

Assassination Classroom-Episodes 1-4

I've been waiting ages to watch this, so with Part 2 finally out, I took the plunge, and I must say, I love it thus far. I think a lot of it is down to Koro-sensei, who's just an absolute blast to watch, and the general premise is really fun in itself. If I did have one complaint, it's that Nagisa is the blandest protagonist ever, so I'm hoping he gets something. I am curious how the premise will be kept fresh for 4 cours, seeing as Koro might as well be invincible, so we know none of the assassination attempts will ever work, otherwise there'd be no show. This will be alleviated more towards the end of the second season, assuming a third isn't announced before I get there. Oh well, I'm still enjoying it a ton.


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^^ The anime adaptions for Assassination Classroom cover the entire Manga :)
Glad you're enjoying the show, keen to see your thoughts as you get through the first season & eventual second season release.

Ping Pong - Episodes 1 & 2 - Fantastic so far.


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Mob Psycho 100 (Japanese audio) - Episode 12 (Complete)

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Future arc (Japanese audio) - Episode 12 (Complete)

Amanchu! (Japanese audio) - Episodes 8-10

My plan for tomorrow onwards:
- Thursday: Alderamin on the Sky [Episodes 8-11]
- Friday: Amanchu! [Episodes 11-12F], Alderamin on the Sky [Episodes 12-13F], Danganronpa 3: Hope [1F], 91 Days [12F]


Za Warudo
Okay well that didn't take long....

Assassination Classroom - Episodes 1-3 - Well my part 2 finally shipped last night so thought I'd start it. It was enjoyable enough but I'm kinda concerned that this is all it's gonna be for 40 odd episodes :/ I mean, surely there's gotta be more to it than this right? I hope so as I'm unsure I'll be able to just watch this for the entire show, even if it is kinda fun.

Professor Irony

Ass class rather grew on me as it went on, but I can't remember it deviating all that much from its own formula. It's probably got more in common with something like Great Teacher Onizuka than you might expect.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress ep1-2

I'd wanted to see this one for quite a while now, and it certainly hasn't disappointed so far. The story hasn't gone anywhere I hadn't expected it to and the question of whether it would exist at all, had Attack on Titan not become such a megahit, will probably never go away, but Kabaneri thus far seems less interested in the horror element, being more focused on very slick, swashbuckling action, and the use of trains as a driving force (sorry) is quite novel.

Having seen the trailers, I had some idea of what to expect, but I also can't express enough how gorgeous the show is to look at. It has a definite digital sheen to it, but this is probably the most convincing contemporary effort to recreate the look of anime from the late '80s/ early '90s that I've yet seen. Between the wonderful Haruhiko Mikimoto character designs and the way the show handles its cel-shading, it really does feel like a high budget oav or film from the bubble-era, painstakingly recreated through modern methods.


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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya: Episodes 1 - 4

Still enjoy the Kyon monologues, and the Voice Acting is still great, probably amongst my favourite Bang Zoom productions. I do wonder quite often how this show would play to modern audiences who have never seen the series before, I imagine it would be met with bemused expressions as it's definitely a relic!


Naruto Shippuden episodes 476 - 477
Man, if only all of Shippuden could look like this. That was an epic fight - although, around the middle the animation did seem to not be as polished as the beginning and towards the end of the fight.