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Golgo 13 ep14

Seeing as all the episodes are adapted from the manga, but not in order, it'd be nice if they mentioned the original publication date at the end or something. There's nothing to overtly identify this one, but given that it revolves around the US running a chemical weapons plant apparently captured from the Japanese in WW2, I'm guessing late '70s.


Mad Scientist
Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- - Episodes 1-4
Sometimes it's just best not to say anything...

- Episodes 3-6
It was nice to meet "Vaguely Racist Bananya" and "Is She Supposed to be British? Bananya". They were two characters the show was really lacking.

Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet - Episodes 1-5 (Complete)
I'm finding this show difficult to quantify. I liked it, but I have some reservations, none of which affect the quality of the show. I'll see if I can untangle the mess and write something more comprehensible for the "Rate the Last Anime You Watched" thread.

Also, my father is a reverend, I have never heard that many renditions of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" in my life until Planetarian...
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Vampire Ninja
Blue Exorcist ep 23 - 25
Danganronpa 3 Future Arc ep 3 - 4
Danganronpa 3 Despair Arc ep 3 - 4
Tales of Zestiria ep 6
Planetarian ep 4 - 5
Re Zero Starting Life In Another world ep 20
Hitorinoshita the Outcast ep 5 - 6
Food Wars Second Plate ep 7
Rewrite ep 7
Alderamin on the Sky ep 6
Taboo Tattoo ep 6
The Morose Mononokean ep 4


Pokémon Master
Alderamin on the Sky ep 6. I'm very interested to see how Ikta handles the upcoming conflict, insurgency is incredibly difficult to defeat and/or resolve.

Berserk s2 ep 7. I love how visceral the action is in this (perhaps more down to the audio than the animation). When Guts starts chopping people in half I feel an urge to throw my fist in the air and cheer him on. It's great when he gets angry :p

Mobile Suit Gundam ep 10-11. The way that lady fell at the end was ridiculous. Her fainting was old fashioned (I know this is from the seventies, but still...) and the animation of her hitting the ground was shoddy, it made it look like she was in a low gravity environment and should have walked away with a bruised elbow. I figured this anime would show it's age from time to time, and this would be one such time.

sweetness and lightning ep 6. Kotori is starting to feel like part of the sensei's family in this episode. I wonder how far the story will take that...?

The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi ep 6. A fudanshi goes to comiket, hilarity ensues.

Professor Irony

91 Days ep6

Everyone says Umaru-chan is anime Garfield, but I swear, when Don Orco started shouting for his lasagna, all I could think about was that orange cat.
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Ep 6 of Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE!
Ep 7 of Fukigen na Mononokean
Ep 7 of Days
Ep 6 of 91 Days...urrgghh!!...don't think i'll be able to eat lasagna for a while
Ep 6 of Cheer Danshi!!...only watched the last 5 minutes of it as the rest was basically a re-cap
Ep 7 of Arslan Senki:Fuujin Ranbu...can't believe there's only 1 episode left
Ep 6 of Tales of Zestiria the X...or as i like to think of...Tales of Berseria promo
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Tales of Zestiria the X ep. 6
Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu ep. 7
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu ep. 20
New Game! ep. 7
Blood-C ep. 7
Selector Infected WIXOSS ep. 1 - 5


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Revolutionary Girl Utena - Episode 10 - 13 (out of 39)
As soon as I caught a glimpse of the preview for the next episode and realized that it focused on Nanami I was understandably excited and needless to say the following episode didn’t disappoint. Episode 10 continues right where the previous episode left off and uses the preceding events as a means to focus on Nanami and her relationship with her brother. I have to say the emotions conjured up within this episode were surprisingly complex due to the subject matter at hand. Tackling a plotline centered on a girl with a brother complex is always going to be a difficult sell and yet they manage to do so with a sense of sincerity as Nanami’s character gains extra depth through the use of flashbacks that play a pivotal role within this episode and its execution is handled eloquently. Like the rest of Utena the series forgoes a sense of safety and complacency and instead opts for complexity. The characters are complex, deep and interesting and it’s this environment that nurtures uncertainty within the audience in regards to where the show and its characters might go next. The shows strengths lay with its visual storytelling and so it’s no wonder that this episode was a delight to watch.


Even though not a lot is spoken the nuances of the characters expressions and body language visually tells the story in an impactful manner. The episode relies heavily on medium close up shots due to the more personal nature of the story. I speak a lot about the visuals but the utilization of audio within this episode is just as striking, emphasizing the sombre moments and intensifying the action with a gradual crescendo that culminates to a grand finale. A surprisingly touching episode with great uses of flashbacks and color.

Episode 11 starts off both very funny and light-hearted but it very quickly transforms into something a lot more serious. The tonal shift from the first half to the second half is palpable and it amounts to one of the greatest episodes in the series thus far. Lots of interesting imagery finds itself dispersed throughout this episode with some beautiful backgrounds. The climax to this episode is nothing short of amazing with fantastic delivery by Utena’s voice actress. Utena is a show that is known for its repetition, a by-product of its low budget and so when this episode subverts some of these expectations and goes in an entirely different direction it makes for a huge impact that hits you where it hurts.


Episode 12 continues where the last episode left off and is yet again a super strong, emotionally resonant episode with some fantastic characterization. In tune with the change of pace brought fourth by the end of the last episode, Utena’s gusto has all but evaporated and in its place is a more sombre, slower paced first half. To go with that, intense uses of blues, whites and greens are utilized in order to materialize the feeling of calmness and change of character by bringing a more bright palate to the table. Utena’s silence is piercing and it cultivates a brewing tension that develops in the background, and like the previous episode the tonal shift between the first and second half is substantial. The silence that symbolizes Utena’s ambivalence comes to a crashing halt in an energetic and striking ending to this arc.


Episode 13 is a recap episode that focuses on the seven battles that have taken place thus far. These types of episodes are commonplace within long running anime series and although I’ve never had a problem with them personally, many people ultimately do. I have to say however that they did a fantastic job with its integration here. Sticking with the whole play and musical aspect of this series the montages are beautifully choreographed with Takaaki Terahara’s choral rock pieces playing in the background to great effect. Displaying a masterful use of splicing scenes together with some striking and memorable imagery, this is a prime example of how to do an episode like this the right way. The episode interweaves new content that further sets up the next arc that I’m really excited to see come to fruition.



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Amanchu ep 6. Beautiful.

Handa-kun ep 6. The dog killed me.

Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia ep 6. So pulling on a cat-girls tail makes her... I don't even... :eek:

ep 6-7. Naho being such a doormat is getting on my nerves now. But at least the emotional scenes are actually packing some punch now.

sweetness and lightning ep 7. A remarkably accurate depiction of a young child's reaction to those circumstances, as well as a parents.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan ep 7. How are they going to wrap this up in just one episode?