Your opition on Cex selling anime DVDs/Blu Rays

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  1. KurataTrigger

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    Personally I have mixed opinions with Cex selling anime as a hold because while they sell anime for a good price especially the out of print ones I don't like how they check the discs or cases for anime.
    For example I saw a beat up Witch Hunter Robin Box set 1 and 2 which looked terrible not to mention the prices for them were pretty horrific and overpriced...
    This also happen with I brought FMA 2003 Season 2 part 2 DVD where they give me the wrong discs...
    I had to get a full refund due to the correct discs being missing in that Cex in End
    Cex needs quality control sometimes

    What are your thoughts on Cex in general?
  2. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    I think they're pretty good for things that might be harder to get hold of elsewhere. I remember when I was collecting the OOP Evangelion Perfect Collection volumes, I got a few from CeX online for a very reasonable price. In store, they also sometimes have some more obscure stuff you couldn't buy from the likes of HMV.
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  3. HWR

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    I quite like them, it's a great way of getting some anime very cheaply and I make visits to my local branch and the two in central London semi-regularly.
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  4. Watanabe Ken

    Watanabe Ken Great Teacher

    Haven't seen a single anime dvd in my local Cex the closest thing I've seen to anime in Cex was Jackie Chan Adventures
  5. Lambadelta

    Lambadelta Vampire Ninja

    I've picked up some pretty good deals, and spotted some decent deals I've passed up.

    It was thanks to CEX though that I got Nura : Rise of the Yokai Clan Season 1 Part 2 now that its OOP
  6. mikezilla2

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    what are they like for blu rays with regards to there online store ? it wasint obvious to me that i could order anime Bds thro them .............
  7. KurataTrigger

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  8. HWR

    HWR Vampire Ninja

    Their online store has never given me any issues and their shipping is usually quick. Only thing is that with the condition you don't know what to expect, which is why I've only bought anime that comes in standard Amarays from them online.
  9. crashmatt

    crashmatt Thousand Master

    Im cautious of buying DVD's from them as there is a greater risk they are scratched and the sets are probably older. I've had no problem with Blu Rays in fact my last purchase from them was the Time of Eve CE which is now OOP and I paid £22 which is a great price. Its great for some things especially Manga/ Animatsu sets as they can be significantly cheaper.
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  10. Arbalest

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    If it helps to judge. I sold CeX about 10 old dvds, some worth nothing at all to them a while back, thinking this will be fine. I got tuppence for them basically. not only that but one of the dvds i sold back to them was still unopened, sealed. So they ask you to completely unseal all of their dvds before they sell them, essentially taking away from the new factor of the package and selling it on. My issue with that is it takes away the value of the product in some cases. It was just a random dvd i got from the MCM one time anyways but it's still a decent enough point. I would certainly watch when trading in at least since they take away from the value of it and don't really give much in return for it. I don't think you can discern what is new and what is used there now because of that either, which never helps.
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  11. st_owly

    st_owly Guild Member

    I've never had a problem with them. I got Steins Gate part 1 Bluray for £7 in store a while back, which is pretty damn good.
  12. Captaaain universe

    Captaaain universe Completely Average High School Student

    Long time since I bought anything in store from them, but they don't have much anime there. Must be my town it's not very popular. They did nearly rip me off for a switch though
  13. thedoctor2016

    thedoctor2016 Dragon Knight

    I use them to buy older or OOP stuff and sometimes you get lucky my example i ordered the standard ed of Eva 1.11 for £6 and got the collectors edtion that was prior to ALs worth £15 or above.
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  14. Neil.T

    Neil.T Hunter

    I'm all for it. I've had the amazing luck to be able to pick up some great OOP stuff straight off the shelf. Things like MVM's old DVD boxsets of Serial Experiments Lain and Bubblegum Crisis, for example, and Beez releases like the brilliant Sound of the Sky and Durarara!!'s three individual volumes.

    Those were all in excellent condition. I wouldn't order from CEX online, though, because I'd want to see a second-hand item before committing myself.
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