Your manga and anime collection


Combat Butler
I am Just wondering what manga and anime you all have.
post photos of your anime and manga collection so we all can compare or just tell us doesnt realy matter :D

my list Update Time

Midori days 1 - 8
A.I. love you 1-8
chobits 1-8
Dears 1-8
Princess Ai 1-3
Warriours of Tao 1-4

Najica 1-3
Battle royale 1-15

battle club 1-3
tokyo mew mew 1-7
The all new tenchi muyo 1-9
Arm of Kannon 1-8
girl got game 1-10
gto 1-25

hyper police 1,2 4-8
Blazin barels 1-6
death note 1-10
battle vixens 1-10

I have 152 manga with 11 completed

I have no anime at all :oops:


Student Council President

A. I. Love You 1-5
Abenobashi 1-2
Ai Yori Aoshi 1-15
Akira 1-3
Battle Club 1-3
Battle Royale 1-15
Battle Vixens 1-9
Berserk 1-9
Bus Gamer 1
Chobits 1-8
Chrono Crusade 1-8
Cowboy Bebop 1-3

Death Note 1-9
Dominion Tank Police 1
Excel Saga 1-5
Ghost In The Shell 1
.Hack 1-3
Heat Guy J 1

Immortal Rain 1-2
Kamiyadori 1
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service 1-2
Love Hina 1-14
Mahoromatic 1-8
Najica 1-3

Negima 1-12
Neon Genesis Evangelion 1
One Piece 1-9
RahXephon 1-3
Remote 1-10
R.O.D 1-4

Saber Marionette J 1-2
Saiyuki 1-9
Saiyuki Reload 1-5
Testarotho 1-2
Warriors Of Tao 1-4
Wild Adapter 1

That's all the manga I own now... If anyone's curious I have 193 volumes.

Anime Series

Boogiepop Phantom 1-4
Chrono Crusade 1-4
Cowboy Bebop 1-3
Devil Lady 1-2
Fruits Basket 1-4
Generator Gawl 1-4
Ghost In The Shell 1st GIG 1-7
Ghost In The Shell 2nd GIG 1-7
Haibane Renmei 1-4
Heat Guy J 1-6
Najica Blitz Tactics 1-3
Neon Genesis Evangelion 1-7

Otogi Zoshi 1-2
She The Ultimate Weapon 1-3
Tenjho Tenge 1

The Bold series are completed.

I'm not going to write out my anime film collection as well!

Mr B

Student Council President
Going for a show and tell version - sorry about the poor photo quality.

Manga GN

Anime DVD

Anime VHS

Manga in comic format

Aqua Knights - Book 1, 2 & some 3
Battle Angle Alita - Book 1 - 9 nearlly complete
Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z - vol 1 to 6 equiv' of each
Evangelion - Book 2, 3 & some 4
Ghost in the Shell - Book 1 complete
Gunsmith cats - a lot, 6 or 7 volumes
Oh! My goddess - a lot, 7 or 8 volumes & one shots
Patlabour series 2 - complete
Ranma 1/2 - vol 10 to 18 equiv'
Sprit of Wonder - complete
Tenchi Muyo - no need for tenchi - Book 1 to 9 nearlly complete

Probably forgoten something


School Idol
Sure! Presenting my DVD collection! Had a big clearout recently, sry I don't have time for piccies.

Those Who Hunt Elves series 1
Ruin Explorers Fam & Iria
Garzey's Wing
Heroic Legend of Arslan (all inc. Legend Of Heroes)
RG Veda
Saber Marionette R
Weathering Continent
Jewel Bem Hunter Lime
Legend Of Crystania The Movie
Legend Of Crystania series
Ys Legacy (all Ys)
Record of Lodoss War series 1
Record of Lodoss War: Tales of the Heroic Knight
Rune Soldier
Zelda (US)
Cities of Gold (all)
Blue Sub 6
Someday's Dreamers
Idol Project
Miyazaki Various
A-Ko (all+OST)
Ulysses 31

- Lady Of Pharis 1-2
- Stainless Steel Armadillo (all)
- Orion
- Warlands (all)
- Batman 1st edition (Kia Asamiya)
- Dark Angel (all + Guidebook)
- Silent Mobius (Up to 6 so far, plus all former issues + Jap. versions)
- Kia Asamiya's Star Wars
- Spirit Of Wonder
- Dragon Wars
- Hana No Asukagami 1-15


Completely Average High School Student

Blame vol 1 (really have to get more of this...)
Battle Royale 1-4
Ghost In The Shell
Ghost In The Shell Man-Machine Interface
Love Hina 1
Peacemaker Kurogane 1
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
Love Hina 1
The Taschen Manga Book (Gorgeous tome of various manga art..)


Texhnolyze 1-6
Paranoia Agent 1-4
Perfect Blue
Serial Experiments Lain 1-4
Hanbai Renmei 1-4
FLCL Ultimate Edition (in the post!)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Perfect Collection
Macross Plus - The Movie & Episodes 1-4
Virus Buster Serge 1-3
Spirited Away
Kiki's Delivery Service
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex box 1-7
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig box 1-7 (Ok, I get it Monday! so it's included!)
Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence International Version in metal tin
Sky Blue (Ok, not strictly anime but...)
Akira (double disc edition)
Bubblegum Crash
Tokyo Revelation
Noir Vol 1
GTO Vol 6
Cat Soup
Ichi The Killer
Sakura Wars OVA Collection
Kiddy Grade The Peacekeepers Case 1
Someday's Dreamers 1
Manga Sampler

and a 15 disc Doraemon bootleg since it's impossible to get in the UK.. (which has the most offensive subtitling ever! I'm glad my friend's two year couldn't read the time he watched it!)

And this is only really after a year without knowing that much about anime.. heck knows what it'll be like next Feb.. :eek:

That Man

Student Council President
Well heres my list not a whole lot but I intend to get some more soon :)

.Hack// Legend of the Twilight All 3 Volumes
.Hack// A.I Buster 1 & 2
.Hack// Another Birth Vol 1-2
Neon Genesis Evangelion 1-9
Hellsing Vol 1-7
Boogiepop and Others Novel
Boogiepop Returns Vol 1
Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh Manga Vol 1 & 2
Boogiepop Duel Vol 1 & 2
Tsukihime Vol 1-3
Death Note Vol 1-9
Berserk Vol 1-14
Trinity Blood Vol 1

Complete Animes
Evangelion + Movies
Excel Saga
Serial Experiments Lain
Boogiepop Phantom
Elfen lied
Rahxephon + Movie
Witch Hunter Robin
Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex + 2 Movies
Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig
Haibane Renmei
Blue Gender
Last Exile
Tenchi Muyo OVA’s + 3 Movies
Cowboy Bebop + Movie
Wolf’s Rain
Kino’s Journey
Gunslinger Girl
Lunar Legend Tsukihime
Paranoia Agent
Saikano: She The Ultimate Weapon
Nadesico + Movie
Vampire Princess Miyu
.Hack// Legend of the Twilight
Twelve Kingdoms
Fullmetal Alchemist
Evangelion Platinum
Tenchi Universe

Not Complete Animes
Gantz Vol 1
Evangelion Platinum Vol 1-3
Naruto Unleashed: Series 1 - Vol.1-2
Full Metal Panic Vol 1-5
Otogi Zoshi Vol 1-2
Trinity Blood Vol 1-4
Moon Phase Vol 1-3
Ergo Proxy Vol 1-2
Hellsing Ultimate Vol 1

Other Animes, Movies, OVAS etc
Blue Submarine No.6 OVA’s
Ninja Scroll
Puni Puni Poemy
Ghost Talkers Daydream
Petite Cossette
Dead Leaves
Perfect Blue
Blood: The Last Vampire
Karas: The prophecy
Princess Mononoke
Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust


Magical Girl
Mr B said:
:lol: Videos, and they reside in two big cardboard boxs in my closet.
Be proud of your VHS collection! You've got some cool stuff there which never made it to DVD! (stuff like Space Adventure Cobra and a different version of Catgirl Nuku-Nuku to the US release!)


Pokémon Master
pomtry said:
Nice Tenchi collection :D

It will be getting bigger, I'm waiting for the other 11 volumes of the manga to arrive on my doorstep. I wish amazon would hurry up and deliver them, Also waiting for the Ryo Ohki box set and the UK release of the movie collection.

I've got a few more dvds im interested in buying, But i think i'll watch a few more episodes before commiting to the other series.