Your best and worst of the Summer season


Death Scythe
I think it's fair to say it's not been a classic season by any stretch but as it draws to a close what do you rate and what do you hate?

Great / Excellent

Overlord S3 - yes im biased but I love Overlord despite the rubbish CGI

Stiens Gate 0 - A very different series from the first but still utterly compelling none the less.

Attack on Titan S3- Yes it's not perfect but it's still one of the most entertaining shows out there, thankfully it's 2 cour


How not to Summon a Demon Lord - does what it says on the tin. Good old Ecchi

Yuuna and the haunted hot springs - An old fashioned harem with likable characters.

Lupin lll part 5 - an improvement on season 4 though I hated the slapstick episodes. Very satisfying ending and Amy is a great character.

High Score Girl - horrible art/ CGI animation but still a fun show with a dose of nostalgia.

Sirius the Jaeger - A straight forward vampire story with great animation and action scenes. The supporting cast are wasted though.


Seven senses of the Reunion - Garbage writing, horrible cliche characters, pointless love quadrangle where everyone wants the moeblob with the mind of a 10 year old. Just a waste of time all round. Surprisingly none of them have the most important sense which is common sense.

Master of Ragnarok - every season the Isseki bar gets lowered, it started with Smartphone, continued with the abysmal Death March but this show really takes the cake. Even if you ignore the Poundland production values, the stupid MC who has a harem but does nothing with it and the embarrassing fight scenes this show sucks!

Island - dropped - I knew where this was going after one cringeworthy episode. Nope


Harem King
My special award is AoT for the biggest load of rubbish ive seen in years they skip through my fav arc to get to rubbish stuff and the animation isnt as good as before imo the manga is terrible it become a franchise I hate with all my heart and I dont even know why I watch or read it but I cant wait for the next arc as it is so average.

Free! S3 Ofc I was going to love it no hype as well like all other JyoAni stuff so its nice to watch things in a bubble sort off
Banana Fish- Yeah MAPPA and Free!s old director with a acclaimed manga ofc it was gonna be good
Gintama SS arc s2 - the shonen everyone needs to see it makes MHA look crap not animation wise as BNP are cheap but storywise character wise

AoT as the special award explains
MHA s3 - Second most overhyped average show of recent memory shame VE is the top. I hope it takes a break im getting bored of watching it weekly.
P5A- It is sad seeing this slowly die in front of me I love the game and especially the latter portion of it terrible animation and shoddy pacing have ruined it. A big shame P4 had a good adaption on TV


Captain Karen
Asobi Asobase - A totally madcap comedy that never fails to make me laugh, though use of it's totally bizarre sense of humour and brilliant, expressive animation from Lerche. Voice acting really makes it work too, the whole cast does an excellent job. Definitely my favourite comedy from this season, if not one of my favourite shows over all.

Banana Fish - Gripping, intense, action packed and emotional, Banana Fish really is the complete package, and is certainly a strong contender for AOTY, at least in my eyes. There is still another cour left to go, and I'm curious what direction it takes, as I'm not sure how much there is to resolve apart from taking down the antagonist, and I certainly wasn't expecting an answer to the mystery so soon. Really hoping this one isn't let down by a poor second half, but I doubt it will.

My Hero Academia Season 3 (Cour 2) - Yes, the exam stuff was probably too drawn out, and the filler episode was pretty mediocre, but I've grown quite an attachment to the cast at this point, and I love seeing the variety of powers on display. This last week's episode with Bakugo and Deku was possibly one of the best of the series to date. I'm not sure how close the anime is to the manga at this point, but I'm hoping we don't see too great a gap before a fourth season. Plus Ultra!

Chiyo's School Road - Another really good comedy, although this time from the rather unexpected place of known purveyor of trash and also Squid Girl, Diomedea. Not quite as out there as Asobi Asobase, but still suitably zany, drawing heavy inspiration from western video games. It's odd how they can get so much from the simple premise of two girls walking to school, yet they manage to make it funny every episode.

Happy Sugar Life - No doubt the darkest show I've watched this season, it's also by far one of the best. I'm a sucker for these 'edgy' anime, and Happy Sugar Life ticks all the right boxes for me, however manages to be more subtle than the likes of Magical Girl Site, slowly escalating things over the course of the show rather than just beating you over the head with suffering from the word go. The growing tension and suspense in each episode is great, and watching the precarious house of cards that is the protagonist's life to see how it will all fall down is very engrossing, especially when it's laced with twists and turns.

Attack on Titan Season 3 - Whilst I don't think I'm enjoying this as much as the brilliant Season 2, Attack on Titan still proves to be an excellent show, with some draw dropping animation (and some wonky CG) during the action sequences the likes of which any other anime is unlikely to top anytime soon. It got a bit bogged down with the politics in the middle, but it's come back around recently to being really enjoyable once more, as more layers of the story are revealed and we learn more about the world.

Steins;Gate 0 (Cour 2) - I still maintain that I'll need to watch this back to back with the original Steins;Gate at some point to get everything out of it, I am still enjoying this sequel immensely. It got a little bit slow for a while, but it has certainly picked up of recent, and is another example of a show that is really unpredictable, which I always enjoy. Above anything, it's honestly just nice to revisit these characters again, and I'm especially looking forward to watching the dub once it's all out. I just hope Funi can somehow include the 23 Beta episode variation from the original series that leads into 0 on their release somehow, as I think I need to see that to fully grasp how the two series link.

Free! Dive to the Future - Although Free! is still great, I honestly haven't really been feeling the third season as much as the other two, and I think a big part of that is down to not having seen the films. It links heavily into them, putting characters from Starting Days into leading roles, when I lack the emotional attachment that it assumes the audience has. Seeing Rei and Nagisa bumped to supporting roles doesn't make this any easier to swallow either. This is another one I'll want to revisit in the future, after watching all of the movies, so this one's rating may get bumped up later, we shall see.

Gundam Build Divers (Cour 2) - This show is truly meh. Although the last 4 or so episodes have seen a large bump in quality by actually having a story, it's too little, too late, as they spent much of this second cour farting around doing nothing in particular. It's all bright colours and robot fights but with very little substance, although that isn't to say I don't enjoy said robot fights. This is the kind of thing I just stick on and half pay attention to.

Overlord Season 3 - Way better than the mediocre Season 2, but it spent way too long on the village bit at the start before actually getting good, and even then there's the odd episode here and there where I'm just totally bored out of my mind and nothing of consequence is really happening, mostly when the dull as dishwater humans are involved.

Encouragement of Climb Season 3 - Another sequel I just wasn't really into as much as prior entries, this season has just been a little too dour for my tastes. The rocky relationship between Aoi and Hinata is certainly interesting, but it isn't really what I seek out of this show, and it went on for too long for me to enjoy it, to the point where it was just kind of annoying because you know they're going to make up anyway. Still had some good episodes however, and I still enjoy it, I just feel Season 2 was quite a bit stronger.

Grand Blue - A lot of people seemed to rave about this manga, and really hyped up the adaptation, and yet I have not felt this totally unphased by a comedy since Shimoneta. It isn't anywhere near as bad as that trash heap, by virtue of being relatively inoffensive, yet it's overuse of the same handful of unfunny jokes means that laughs are minimal every episode, with some not even getting so much as a smile out of me. Perhaps there is just something I'm missing, but this is certainly a massive disappointment.

Persona 5 The Animation - Whilst I'd hesitate to call it bad, the really long story has not translated well to anime form at all, especially with the Confidants being woven in too, making for an incredibly slow moving watch, with the main plot barely inching along each episode. The animation is also very poor too, with most episodes looking half finished. This certainly could've done with some fat trimming a swift boot up it's backside to get things going. As it stands, it looks like this thing is going to be dragged out to at least the start of next season, and I am not looking forward to it.


CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
-Attack on Titan 3rd Season A worthy adaptation of an arc from the manga that had very mixed reactions.

-Planet With
A fascinating anime original that'll be worth a rewatch in the near future.

-Steins;Gate Zero
The plot really kicks into gear and the dub cast do a great job in the process.

Very Good
-Asobi Asobase.
Probably the best of this season's comedies, and also very memeable

-Banana Fish.
This often kept me on edge with its gritty storyline. Happy to see it's two cour.

This stepped up the game by improving on the movie arc, shame it shat the bed with a subpar Cho Cho mini arc. Thankfully the current Mitsuki one is great.

-Cells at Work.
Edutainment anime is something I'd like more off tbh.

-Chio's School Road
In an anime season with a lot of comedy this stood out thanks to the endearing cast and was bolstered by stand out episodes such as the mananya dance.

-Harukana Receive
A sports anime held up by great sportsmanship and characters that you want to see succeed. I would have been satisfied regardless who won.

-Kakuriyo -Bed&Breakfast for Spirits-
I liked this, though a slight lull into a cliffhanger-quick solution recurrence during the middle episodes left me worried. Thankfully this pulled through and was very good overall.

-My Hero Academia 3rd Season (1st Cour)
This was amongst the best the series has showcased so far and the AfO fight was great.

-Angels of Death.
A solid video game adaptation with varied scenarios.

-Back Street Girls.
Absurd and ridiculous but also entertaining enough. Some episodes didn't land as much though.

-Black Clover.
As average as usual until the final arc which was legitimately rather good. Gives me hope for the next set of arcs to be of this quality.

-Dropkick on my Devil!
A sadistic comedy turned cute Monster SoL, with the adorably unlucky Pekora as candidate for this season's best girl.

-Free! Dive to the Future.
I liked this though the middle sagged from the whole Hiyori drama.

-Grand Blue Dreaming.
Lewd and sometimes hilarious, other times not so much. Whenever they actually did some diving it did so quite well.

Started off well enough but is sunk by it's melodrama that wasn't present in the manga.

-Holmes of Kyoto.
I like a bit of investigation and mystery so this fit the bill nicely.

-Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigations.
A fun series dealing with...well supernatural investigations.

-Music Girls.
This had some potential, and was a good enough series until the latter third when its plot became tired and the Uori subplot irked me.

-My Hero Academia 3rd Season (2nd Cour)
This latter tournament arc was predictable and left me wanting more. The closing conflict was good though. The Yakuza Arc which will come next is another arc that fans are split on so it'll be interesting seeing how that turns out.

-Overlord III
I have similar thoughts on this as to season II. Quite liked some of the more brutal parts but wished Ainz got more screentime as opposed to side characters that I seldom cared about.

-Phantom in the Twilight
Surprisingly a very solid action series that had a good enough execution.

-We Rent Tsukumogami.
Charming enough in its fantastical storytelling to keep me entertained each week.

-My Sweet Tyrant.
Some decent shorts here and there but it just felt kind of mean and unlikeable early on. The highlights here were the shorts that focused on the sister and best friend.

-Persona 5 The Animation
This sort of keeps chugging and meandering along adapting the game in the least interesting manner possible. It's almost all been worthwhile just for one gag involving a school festival haunted house however.

-Master of Ragnarok.
This did nothing for me at all, it wasn't even ironically enjoyable, just dull.

-Mr TONEGAWA Middle Management Blues. The comedy style didn't do much for me, and even after rewatching Kaiji it just didn't do much. I will likely pick it up eventually.

-The Thousand Musketeers.
I persevered with this for half its runtime and barely remember anything about it.

-Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs.
Very cliched and tired humour from what I saw, though it apparently improved somewhat.


Stand User
My best of the season:
Cells at Work

Master of Ragnarok

Attack on Titan
It's okay but feels really overrated.
Angels of Death
Was good as it went along but let down at the end (although technically it's not finished).
Asobi Asobase
The highlights of this became about the characters reactions. I couldn't even remember the names of them.

Master of Ragnarok
Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs
Asobi Asobase


Monsieur Monster
AUKN Staff
Only listing what I've watched so far:

Best of the Season: Lupin the 3rd Part 5
Biggest Disappointment of the Season: Persona 5 the Animation (I dropped before it caught up to my current play progress, but even that was... low quality).
Worst of the Season: Master of Ragnarok

Very Good: Steins;Gate 0, My Hero Academia
Okay: Attack On Titan, GeGeGe no Kitaro, Ninja Girl & Samurai Master
Enjoyable Trash: How (Not) To Summon A Demon Lord, Yuuna and the Haunted Hotsprings
Dropped: Asobi asobase, Drop Kick on my Devil, Hanebado
Dropped but I may pick back up: Harukana Receive


Thousand Master

Harukana Receive
I'm not even into sports anime at all but this is great, no idea why I even bothered to click on it but glad I did music is great too.

Chio's School Road
Totally beat on Hinamatsuri, which I thought was new standard to comedy anime but this takes it to another level.

MHA, been fine though I am beginning to realise the female cast is being wasted all about the boys and their drama.

Summon a Demon Lord
Okay, fine nothing special but there were some prolonged moments of humour in here.


This was actually decent for the first couple of episodes, things looked like they were interesting then the show was like yeah time to jump the shark! And all of sudden I lost interest in it completely.

On hold
Angels of Death

Got the second half to catch up on but it's as solid I'll gladly put this under good.


Dragon Knight
Surprise Winner
Revue Starlight - Great production all around with great character moments and awesome animation sequences. The music was a highlight for me in both the Revue songs and the soundtrack from the same composer for Land of the Lustrous. Wakarimasu

Asobi Asobase - I just loved the utter contrast between the CGDCT aesthetic and the crude nature of the actual show. The voice acting was especially good.

Attack on Titan Season 3 (1st Cour) - A great adaptation of what is perhaps one of the weakest arcs in the manga.

Steins;Gate 0 (2nd Cour) - I suffered well this season. So much so that I'll give the original a re-watch at some point.

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO (1st Cour) - A cute chibi series based on the game with some unexpected chaotic energy.

Cells at Work! - Educational and fun series with some great direction, especially with the Cancer and Hemorrhagic Shock episodes.

My Hero Academia Season 3 (2nd Cour) - May not be the best cour so far but it certainly has it's moments with the Bakugou vs Midoriya fight being one of the best this season.

Harukana receive - A fun sports series that's just comfy fun with a nice soundtrack and fun characters.

Angels of Death (1st Cour) - The pacing may be a bit slow but it's still a good mystery series. May check out the game after the special episodes.

Hanebado! - Started off well enough with great animation sequences throughout. Unfortunately the series was let down by the unnecessary drama.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord - It's the enjoyable trash of the season!

Overlord III - Sadly I just don't care for this series anymore which is such a shame since the first two seasons were so good. I won't be continuing this for season 4.

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs - I enjoyed it's first half for the generic ecchi that it was

Holmes of Kyoto - This was a nice laid-back series that I'll revisit some point soon

Happy Sugar Life - On-hold for my Halloween viewing


Best OPs
Red Swan - Attack on Titan Season 3 (1st Cour)
Hoshi no Dialogue - Revue Starlight
Make my story - My Hero Academia Season 3 (2nd Cour)

Best EDs

Inkya Impulse - Asobi Asobase
Fly Me to the Star - Revue Starlight
Silent Solitude - Overlord III

Best Animation
Revue Starlight
Attack on Titan Season 3 (1st Cour)
Asobi Asobase

Best Soundtrack
Revue Starlight
Attack on Titan Season 3 (1st Cour)
Harukana Receive

Best Characters
Steins;Gate 0
Revue Starlight
My Hero Academia Season 3 (2nd Cour)

Best Girl
Daiba Nana - Revue Starlight

Best Boy
Okabe Rintarou - Steins;Gate 0
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My thoughts on each series is already in the Viewing Journal thread apart from Banana Fish which hasn't finished yet so won't go over it all again. Before my ranking of the 1 Cour shows here's what else I have been watching:

2nd Cour to a Finish
Kakuriyo - B&B for Spirits -
Steins;Gate 0
My Sweet Tyrant

Sequels 1 Cour
AoT s3
Free! s3
Encouragement of Climb s3

1st Cour of a 2 Cour
Banana Fish

This started out pretty great, but seems to be dragging a bit. Ash seems way too OP for a 17 year old, let alone one that's gone through so much s**t in his life. Most normal people who'd gone through that stuff would probably be a jibbering wreck.

1 Cour New Series Ranking
  1. Harukana Receive
  2. Angolmois
  3. Cells at Work
  4. Chio's School Road
  5. Planet With
  6. Revue Starlight
  7. Happy Sugar Life
  8. Grand Blue Dreaming
  9. We Rent Tsukumogami
  10. Yuuna and the Haunted Hotsprings
  11. Hanebado!
  12. Holmes of Kyoto
  13. Angels of Death
  14. Island
  15. Music Girls
Asobi Asobase
Dropkick on my Devil

Seasonal Awards
Best Show - Harukana Receive

Lots of stuff I like in this CGDCT sports show. Lots of nice moments with good characters, light comedy, light drama, learning of stuff I didn't know about, good action in the matches and nice soundtrack.

Best Animation - Harukana Receive
Had to go to a sports show. Hanebado! was very good as is Free!, but it's KyoAni so that's a given, but I went for Harukana Receive because I also liked the art overall as well.

OP/ED Song
Plenty of favourites again including both songs from Encouragement of Climb and Banana Fish. The OPs of Revue Starlight, Harukana Receive and Grand Blue Dreaming and the EDs of Yuuna, Angolmois and Asobi Asobase. But my winner (dispite not really fitting the aesthetic of the show) was:

Best OP
The OPs mentioned above have good visuals as well. A shout out goes to GBD and Asobi Asobase for their trolling nature especially AA. But the winner is:
Great intro to the characters and setting.

Best ED
2 shows had EDs that really represented the show with songs that were the total opposite of each other (I still brought both though). Encouragement of Climb and the winner:
Dispite dropping the show itself.

None jumped out like the last 2 seasons. But I liked some of the Banana Fish soundtrack and the revues in Revue Starlight. But my winner is Harukana Receive because the music was different to the usual stuff of orchestral or electronic with its Latin style tracks.

Best New Boy
Shout out to White Blood Cell and Holmes, but my winner is Jinzaburou Kuchii from Angolmois because of his general attitude towards the Tsushima islanders dispite not needing to and his military tactics.

Best New Girl
As usual so many to choose from including Red Blood Cell, Chio, all 4 main girls from GBD for different reasons and Karen from Revue Starlight. My winner though is Haruka from Harukana Receive as its her spirit that kicks off the story with helping her cousin get back into beach volleyball and then her enthusiasm for it drives the plot forward.
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The Quintessential Pouts
AUKN Staff
The following anime watched during the Summer season:
Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion
Attack on Titan Season 3
BANANA FISH (1st cour)
Grand Blue Dreaming
Happy Sugar Life
Harukana Receive
How Not to Summon a Demon Lord
Lupin the Third Part 5 (2nd cour)
The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar
My Hero Academia Season 3 (2nd cour)
PERSONA5 The Animation (2nd cour)
Revue Starlight
Steins;Gate 0 (2nd cour)
Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

Bold titles are the ones I consider to be the best of that category, the rest of nominations.

Best Opening Song:
"Braver" by Straightener (Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion)
"Dark Sun" by Lyn (PERSONA5 The Animation)
"found & lost" by Survive Said The Prophet (BANANA FISH)
"Hoshi no Dialogue" by Starlight Kukugumi (Revue Starlight)
"Red Swan" YOSHIKI feat. HYDE (Attack on Titan Season 3)

For this season we had a couple interesting songs but the one that surprised me the most was actually the opening song for Attack on Titan Season 3. Not only does it fit with the tone of the anime's current season but the full version of the song is pretty neat. Angolmois would have been the runner up, not only because it was surprising but it's also a great song as well. Dark Sun was a great listen and so were the rest of the nominations.

Best Opening Sequence:
Attack on Titan Season 3
Banana Fish (1st cour)
PERSONA5 The Animation (2nd cour)
Revue Starlight

Now this is a cheeky one. I actually really like the last minute change to PERSONA5's second opening animation. I like it because it properly fits the show's tone and setting. Attack on Titan and HANEBADO were strong contenders as well.

Best Ending Song:
"Fly Me to the Star" by Starlight Kukugumi (Revue Starlight)
"Long Hope Philia" by Masaki Suda (My Hero Academia Season 3)
"Upside Down" by SHE'S (Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion)
"Wish me luck!!!!" by Kana Yuuki, Saki Miyashita, Atsumi Tanezaki, Rie Suegara (Harukana Receive)
"World-Line" by Asami Imai (Steins;Gate 0)

So for a last minute change once again, I recently finished Revue Starlight and it's ending song was pretty solid. Angolmois gets the runner-up once again alongside My Hero Academia's ending song.

Best Ending Sequence:
Grand Blue Dreaming
Revue Starlight

While I watched a lot of anime from this season, I wouldn't say most were pretty memorable. Grand Blue was just plain silly but amusing to witness, OVERLORD III continues to use the illustrator's artwork to very nice detail, but Revue Starlight has some interesting design changes between each episode based on who gets the main spotlight. It's a nice change of pace.

Best Animation:
Attack on Titan Season 3

Harukana Receive
How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

Revue Starlight
Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

So I'm giving Attack on Titan the best animation primarily because it had some pretty badass moments during some of the action scenes and it was pretty solid overall. HANEBADO! had some impressive stuff but I felt something was off in places. The others I included in this list because I felt they had solid animation quality overall.

Best Soundtrack:
Attack on Titan Season 3
Harukana Receive
Revue Starlight

Another pretty okay season for soundtrack. The biggest surprise was with Harukana Receive which had a soundtrack that felt very retro and fit the tone of the seaside theme. Revue Starlight earns the award for the solid performances by the cast, I understand.

Favourite Anime of the Season:
#1: Attack on Titan Season 3
#2: Grand Blue Dreaming
#3: How Not to Summon a Demon Lord
#4: Harukana Receive + Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs
#5: Lupin the Third Part 5 (2nd cour) + Revue Starlight

Going to be honest, I know many were meh over Attack on Titan but the third season was pretty damn solid overall. It was the only show this season that kept me watching each episode as soon as it aired which is pretty rare for me at times. Grand Blue gets the second place because I love the show in general and I know the humour is an acquired taste for most folks. Demon Lord is the biggest surprise for me given I didn't think I would like it but I do. Harukana Receive was actually pretty good in the end and so was Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs. Both Lupin the Third Part 5 and Revue Starlight are solid recommendations but the reason they're placed so low on the list is because the others had more replay value for me personally.

Weakest Anime of the Season:
The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar

Just two shows for my weakest contenders this time around. Both Angolmois and PERSONA5 were above average to dodge the list in general so let's talk about these lot.

DROPKICK ON MY DEVIL!! is a great concept poorly executed. This series to me felt like it should have been a short 5-10 minute per episode series instead mainly because the humour is pretty dry after the first episode and while the characters are alright the show didn't do much and tried too hard to be funny. The Master of Ragnarok is just plain bad, now I love my ecchi harems but this show failed from the get-go by skipping the beginning of the journey so there's not much reason to care about the cast. Not to mention the animation dropped like a bomb and it's pretty silly in general.

Best Reaction Screencapping Shows:
As you know I like to screen capture anime at times whenever there are funny faces or just some amusing scenes in general. The following are the results of the best. They each win the award.

Grand Blue Dreaming
Total amount of screencaps: 304
Total file size: 638MB

Harukana Receive
Total amount of screencaps: 525
Total file size: 1.63GB

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord
Total amount of screencaps: 252
Total file size: 511MB

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs
Total amount of screencaps: 375
Total file size: 649MB

Favourite Girls:
I should have done this category in the previous seasons. But now it's here.

Azusa Hamaoka (Grand Blue Dreaming)

Haruka Oozora (Harukana Receive)

Nagisa Aragaki (HANEBADO!)

Sagiri Ameno (Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs)

Nominations: Alicia Cristela (How Not to Summon a Demon Lord), Chisaki Miyazaki (Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs), Claudine Saijou (Revue Starlight), Emily Thomas (Harukana Receive), Kanata Higa (Harukana Receive), Maya Tendou (Revue Starlight), Shera L. Greenwood (How Not to Summon a Demon Lord), Siegrune (The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar), Yuuna Yunohana (Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs)​
Now this is a cheeky one. I actually really like the last minute change to PERSONA5's second opening animation. I like it because it properly fits the show's tone and setting. Attack on Titan and HANEBADO were strong contenders as well.
This one:
Yes, it's a shame they didn't use it sooner. With Hanebado! It started great, but then changed style and just used footage from the show and then repeated the first bit again. So although that first bit was great, I didn't really consider it because it wasn't consistent.

Best Reaction Screencapping Shows
Excellent category 😀

Favourite Girls
No best boy category?
Only 2 shows to add: Backstreet Girls: Gokudolls and High Score Girl

New 1 Cour Series Ranking
  1. Harukana Receive
  2. Angolmois
  3. High Score Girl
  4. Cells at Work
  5. Chio's School Road
  6. Planet With
  7. Revue Starlight
  8. Happy Sugar Life
  9. Grand Blue Dreaming
  10. We Rent Tsukumogami
  11. Yuuna and the Haunted Hotsprings
  12. Hanebado!
  13. Holmes of Kyoto
  14. Angels of Death
  15. Island
  16. Music Girls
  17. Backstreet Girls: Gokudolls
Nothing overtakes the award winners again, but both Onoo and Hidaka from HSG are up there for best girl. I really like the ED song for HSG as well.
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I might get back to it. I managed to get through Backstreet Girls which had lots of similar OTT reaction-face going on, and from what I watched AA had bits that were actually funnier than BSG.

I think Chio's School Road and High Score Girl worked better for me because the characters were actually likeable and there were loads of video gaming references.