Yes, another newb.


School Idol
Well hello, everyone. I'm revertedtozero. I've been reading the news here for quite sometime and I just came here to say hello. Here's hoping for a friendly welcome and some good times to come.

That was a stupid intro, wasn't it?


School Idol
First off; Reevo! Good to see you again! Second, No, I don't have a favourite yet in either and I don't really follow what's in season. I'm already trying to watch older ones anyway, so going into what's new at the moment would probably be overkill, anyway.


State Alchemist
No, the majority of people on here don't really keep up with too many current shows. Which older ones are you into at the moment?


Hello reverted, welcome to AUKN.

I wouldn't worry about your introduction thread, at least you bothered to make one unlike my self.


Hey there! Welcome to the forums. I would actually say this is the best anime forum I've been on because everyone here isn't absolutely nuts (in the bad way!) Anyway. Come on in!