*Yawn* Let's be nap buddies- I mean, friends!


Hiyawn everyone, I'm new to Anime UK News. It's nice to meet you. Not super sure what to post but I'll write a little introduction.

☆ My name isn't Hirune or Hiru, but I am a girl. I'm also 26 years old
☆ I entered weebhood around the same time as puberty (15 - thanks ex-best friend!)
☆ I watch subbed and dubbed and take anime haitus from time to time
☆ I have a full-time job and a few hobbies such as gaming, reading, writing, and I'm badly learning other languages
☆ I'm a big fan of slice of life and school comedy anime, and isekai and twisted magical girl deconstruction light novels
☆ I'd love to make internet friends, I'm a lurker but I'll reply (eventually)


The Wildcard
Nice to meet you too, @hirunegirl. 😀

That's an interesting introduction you wrote. Any particular anime that gave you your entry into weebhood? Also, based on your username, have you seen the film Napping Princess?

Welcome to AUKN. Now back to sleep. 😜