Wish Spoiler


Za Warudo
Granted, but it turns out that your fireplace is also a portal that allows intergalactic space demons to come through to our world, as a result, you have doomed us all.

I wish that Clerks: The Animated Series wasn't cancelled after six episodes.


Dust no longer exists, sadly there is now an over abundance of acid rain which eats through pretty much everything.

I wish I had another drink.


Thousand Master
Then you will have no income, which will ultimately make you homeless and then you will be permanently situated outside Buger King, waiting for people to throw there rubbish in the bin (provided they eat outside), one day a guy with glasses throws an uneaten burger in the bin, your eyes glow with such shine it could blind a man, you dive in the bin and scoff the burger down, the guy with the glasses watches in the distant. Same thing happens tmw, you ought to be suspicious but you don't care, this goes on for several days, until the guy with glasses says, "if you want more food follow me". You stupidly follow this man to his dark dreary house, a house so devilish that Satan himself is sickened by , but your hunger over powers your mind and you enter the house whereby the man with the glasses gives you a sandwich, after you eat this you pass out only to be waken tied up in a basement... where there are what you assume 4 dead bodies around you...

I wish I had a batcave.


You were still waiting? Oh, I ACTually emptied it all into my stomach... My bad! 8)

I wish for an empire to rule that has no power to revolt against me. Hypnotized/lack-of-will/autonomous security - Any of those or other ideas are fine with me, just don't ACTually speak up against me. :p


It comes from a tap of which you can't ACTually "tap into..." (SWIDT?) So, you can never taste it.

I wish to have some form of steed/mount - What would you suggest I get? :p


You have, but you still seem to age. In fact, within that moment you run through decades without a thought. By the time it took us to blink an eye, you have already passed on and never seen again...

I wish I had an off button so I can sleep on command.