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Another epic adventure with the straw hats! Luffy defies all the rules and brings a new wave of Pirating to the world in One Piece Collection 12 (Uncut). Prepare for hijinks on the high seas as Luffy and his crew get into unforgettable mischief as they hunt for the location of the greatest treasure known to man.








Coffin Princess Chaika - Complete Season Collection - Out on DVD and Blu-ray Monday 21st December. Win a copy on DVD!

The year is 1604. On the continent of Verbist, an age of war lasting for three generations finally ended with the fall of the northern nation, the Gaz Empire. In addition to legitimate knights and soldiers, the militant forces sent to battle included wizards, saboteurs, and mercenaries, totaling 620,000. What's more, three airborne strongholds and massive numbers of magical weapons plus beast and dragon cavalries were added to the ranks, ending in the annihilation of the Gaz Empire, which had been deemed the root of all evil.






Dragon Ball Z KAI Season 4 is out to own on DVD and Blu-ray from Monday 28th December, and we have a DVD copy to give away for one lucky winner!

Cell has finally reached his perfect form, and he won't rest till civilization falls! Only a herculean effort by Earth's heroes can stop Cell's rampage, but a superhuman slugfest of unprecedented brutality leads to Goku's shocking retirement! Young Gohan alone must now battle the monster and his miniature minions. The outlook appears bleak, but somewhere Goku lurks, waiting to lend his strength to Gohan for one final Kamehameha Wave. Will it be enough to save the world?!





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